Shah confident SRB would meet sales tax target

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that he is confident that the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) will achieve its recovery target of Rs 42 billion for sales tax on services by the end of this financial year, as it had achieved its targets in the last two years. 
Shah stressed upon the taxpayers to come forward and pay their taxes voluntarily and willingly for the benefit of the people, and assured them that the Sindh government will facilitate them. 
The chief minister was speaking at the one-day SRB Tax Forum, organised by the management of the Sindh Revenue Board about the status and awareness of the taxpayers.
Addressing the participants of the forum, the chief minister said that since the inception of Pakistan, provinces had been demanding the right to collect sales tax on services, and this dream finally came true when former president Asif Ali Zardari helped provide financial autonomy to the provinces with the 7th NFC Award. He said that the 7th NFC Award was very much important for all provinces, under which they were being provided their share up to 56% from Centre, instead of 44% in the past. He said that previously Sindh had been collecting 72% of total collection of sales tax on services but it had been given only 23%.
He said that after the 18th Amendment sale tax on services was clearly made a provincial subject, but the federal government was neither willing to leave it nor other three provinces, expect Sindh, were willing to take it over on the pretext of not having the capacity to collect it. He said that Sindh was the only province that took the lead decided to collect it on its own. He said that “we established SRB 2010, and in first year 2011-2012 the SRB collected Rs 25 billion as compared to its target of Rs. 18 billion. Similarly in second year 2012-2013, the SRB collected Rs. 34 billion as compared to its target of Rs. 32 billion and I am confident enough, that it to complete its target of Rs. 42 billion by this current financial year 2013-14.
Later on talking to the media men on this occasion the Chief Minister Sindh said that Sindh Government was enjoying good relations with Federal Government and he was hopeful that Federal Government to provide due share to Sindh Province from the divisible pool. He said that SRB has good team to work and it to achieve it targeted recovery this year as well. Responding for question about the upcoming budget the Chief Minister Sindh said that it would be very innovative and people friendly budget. To a question about law & order situation, the Chief Minister that LEAs, Sindh Police and Rangers were performing well and delivering good result. He said that targeted operation is going in right direction and has caused good impact on the people, however he said that still there is room of improvement and we are doing that. He said that as compared to past Sindh Police is stronger & equipped similarly as compare to present the Sindh Police would be more and more well equipped, organized and strongest fighting force in near future.

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