Institutionalised peace amid religious stories

KARACHI: Grandeur Art Gallery inaugurated on Tuesday an inspiring group exhibition based on the works of 10 artists.
Artists Akbar Khan, Mariam Khan, Abdul Jabbar, Shazia Qaiser, Sadia Shahid, Ali Shah, Kaleem Raza, Shah Jahan, Yousaf Shah and Abdul Hameed have put up their collections at the gallery for the visitors.
The artwork varies from miniature to sculptures and installations.
Mariam Khan, who is learning fine art at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture has presented her work revolving around women and their dream lives. One of her untitled work is about a girl who seems busy daydreaming. 
Mariam also used white in her paintings, perhaps symbolising the purity of the soul. She has used contrasting colours in her work, brining out the messages on canvas loud and clear.
Similarly another painting by Mariam seems to portray the longing for the moon, or something unattainable. About her work she said, "The better our institutions are, the easier it is to make correct decisions and move with the flow of life. The contribution to this exhibition is to provide a little visual peace in this chaotic situation."
The exhibition is a good mix of works by emerging artists and veterans who have been around for a while now.
Among seasoned artists is Yousaf Shah, who has made a series on women showing their different emotions and feelings via oil on canvas. His strongest work is about a woman with sealed lips but speaking eyes. Shah has captured the helplessness of the woman who gives a look that speaks a thousand words, entrancing the viewer into observing her half closed, fearful eyes. The artist has mostly used blues and black in his art pieces.
Another artist, who is displaying his work at the gallery, is Shah Jahan, a pass out of Arts Council, now serving as a teacher at his alma mater.
His focus is on miniatures depicting fishermen and their boats amid the serene waters of a lake or possibly a river. The boats with their flowing sails are replete with fishermen busy in their daily chores.
While Shah Jahan focused on livelihoods, Ali Shah has painted pigeons. He has painted pigeons both as abstract, distorted figures, as well as realistic feral pigeons. In one of his paintings, a pair of pigeons is nesting. Talking about his work, the artist said, "For me my pigeons are the trust worthy messenger and a faithful friend of my lonely woman. I work hard to develop the concept and research the traditional women who does not feel lonely when occupied with her pet." For the artist, pets are the best companions when a woman is lonely. "She shares untold stories with the pigeon. Those close to her heart," he claims.
The show is a mixture of concepts and ideas that are appealing to almost all segments of the society. Shazia Qaiser, contrary to the rest of the artwork, brings in the great sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain RA and the battle of good and evil.
As per her statement, "Hazrat Imam Hussain RA gave his life away to enforce and spread the truth. He wrote an immortal history with the last drop of his precious blood."
The exhibition will continue till February 1.

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