Vanishing mangroves damaging eco-system of coastal area

KARACHI: Fast vanishing mangroves has badly affected the eco-system along the Sindh coast spread over 350 kilometres, which may cause environmental and economic problems in future. An environment activist and social worker Sultan Ahmed Memon expressed his concern over the vast destruction of mangroves in the Sindh coastal belt at the hands of land mafia, the organised groups engaged in cutting mangroves and selling the timber. Mangroves play a very important role in maintaining the eco-system that mainly includes growth of the fisheries sector and as a strong check over air pollution and sea intrusion. In 1999, huge loss of life and property to be caused by a cyclone was averted due to the strong buffer of mangroves. “Twenty years back, the mangroves covered the area of more than 60,000 hectares of the coastal belt,” he mentioned. Environment activist Sultan Ahmed Memon suggested that the government organisations, NGOs, fishermen and other local people, the society as general should join hands and seriously work for the conservation of mangroves and their plantation to make up the heavy loss occurred so far. These stakeholders should pursue for an overall upgradation of the environment for healthy marine and land life. “To achieve this supreme objective,” he added, “an aggressive campaign is needed to create awareness and practically involve all the people.”

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