SNF demands ‘new social contract’ between Centre, provinces

KARACHI: Sindh National Party (SNF) has said due to global changes and internal nationalists movements country’s security could be in danger and demanded ‘new social contract’ between Centre and provinces. System cannot go frontward, as it does not have that capacity. We want executive and constitutional should be reorganization,” said SNF Chief Ameer Bhanbhro at a press conference at Karachi Press Club. He said under proposed ‘new social contract’ all units should have freedom of monetary, executive and autonomy. He demanded Senate should be made an authority. Ameer said every province should have separate Supreme Court. A federal court should be formed to resolve the disputes between Centre and provinces. Rulers give limited relief to us time-to-time like Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan and provincial autonomy through 18th Amendment. What did Sindh and Balochistan get in constitutional amendments,” he asked.  Sindh owns oil, gas, coal, revenue, electricity and other resources but in the return it gets nothing, he added. He said it was blame on us we did not involve in parliamentary politics but we know Punjab was holding the majority seats in the parliament. “If all seats of three provinces are combined even then Punjab seats would still more. Democracy is the name of majority therefore remaining provinces cannot acquire the majority. He said chief ministers of the three provinces do not enjoy the powers as chief minister of Punjab is enjoying. “Shahbaz Sharif go on foreign tours, do agreements with the foreign governments but rest of chief ministers are powerless”, viewed Ameer. SNF leader said there were very few Sindhis in federal government jobs. 

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