Pillion riding banned for a month

* JI asks govt to reverse the decision * Men use fake press cards to get exemption during ban
Pillion riding banned for a month

KARACHI: In wake of the deteriorating law and order situation and surge in crimes, pillion riding in the city has been banned for one month.
Sources at Sindh Home Ministry said the ban had been imposed because of an increase in cases of target killing, kidnapping for ransom and other crimes.
The ban will take effect from 12am Monday, January 27, 2014.
Karachiites said they support all decisions taken by the city administration and provincial government but ban on pillion riding was ineffective. They demanded the government for taking permanent steps instead of temporary measures to restore peace in the city of lights. 
Meanwhile, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chief Hafiz Naeemur Rehman has demanded the provincial government to reverse its decision.
Condemning the decision, Rehman termed it illogical and useless in the interest of the people.
In a statement issued on Sunday, the JI Karachi chief said that about 2 million people belonging to middle and lower class would directly be affected by the ban on pillion riding.
Criticising the decision, Rehman said the government instead of controlling the criminal activities, was making anti-people decisions, which directly affect the middle and lower class people.
"If the government does not ensure provision of basic facilities to the people, it should refrain by taking anti-people decisions", he urged.
Citing the example of deteriorated law and order situation of Quetta, he said the authorities concerned had imposed a ban on pillion riding in the city, which has been going on for many years, but it has failed to stop terrorists from their nefarious activities.
He further demanded of the government to take serious steps towards the restoration of law and order in the city.
It is worth mentioning that target killers on motorcycles go on killing sprees every day. Even the new tactic of throwing a cracker or grenade at shops, influential personalities, religious leaders and businessmen by extortionists requires men on motorbikes.
Robbers and common thugs also use motorbikes to mug pedestrians or people stuck in traffic on different thoroughfares.
Snap checking ineffective: Law enforcing agencies have been picketing at different spots in the metropolis, but have failed to curb untoward incidents from occurring anywhere. Mostly police or Rangers on bikes can be observed body-searching some youngsters or hooligans around busy corners of main roads or at signals, but none of these tactics have been effective in controlling crime. 
Moreover, many men even use fake press or police cards to give the slip to law enforcing agencies patrolling streets.
Ahmed Waqas Shirazi, who is a graphic designer, said that he has a press card he copied off his journalist friend. "It allows me to go to pillion riding with my friends, even when the government has imposed a ban," he said.
On a question he responded that almost everyone in his friend circle owns a fake press card, which can be obtained easily.
A student, Rehman, who often goes to university on his brother's motorbike, said that he prefers taking along his sister when going somewhere far. "When my sister is with me, I do not get harassed by policemen who are like a curse following young men everywhere," he informed.
In Rehman's opinion, snap checking was only a way for cops to collect some money for 'chai pani', "otherwise if it was helping curb crime, we would have seen some improvement", he expressed angrily.

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