Artciti hosting calligraphy exhibition

KARACHI: The Artciti Gallery is hosting an exclusive exhibition of calligraphic paintings by Javed Qamar, which would continue till May 31.
On the occasion of inauguration, a large number of citizens of Karachi, besides art critics, were present who witnessed the admiring work of Qamar on verses of the holy Quran. He presented ‘Quraani Ayat’ in gold and ink. Despite using a difficult medium, the calligraphy was amazingly beautiful. The art piece was encased in a circle, with purple, light blue, light brown and black colours. Calligraphy exhibitions are rare, and mostly art galleries and artist are focusing on others themes.
Qamar was inspired by the 16th century calligraphy art. In 1986, he moved to Karachi to pursue his passion for calligraphy. He is a self-taught artist inspired by Ahmed Mustafa, Khalid Alsai, and Gaughar Qamar. In 1989 he participated in the Sindh Art Exhibition for the first time. His painting paves the way for the viewers to the depths in a slower process, especially in the Islamic Dream Land series. The artist has succeeded in bringing in all the possible features of the overall idea and the ideology of the subject.
His alphabets in Arabic are very fine as compared to his contemporaries. His keen interest and love for details is evident in his work but he is persistently developing new techniques, thus affecting his work, giving it depth, significance, level-headiness, and this is where the mastery of Qamar becomes evident. Nowadays it’s a trend that the artists use stencils and screen for their calligraphic work, but Javed is a true calligrapher who loves to use Kufi, Thuluth, and Deewani scripts in his calligraphy. He is a skilful artist and has a great talent.
He gives form to sign in an expressive harmonious and skilful manner while transcribing the holy Quran in his calligraphic paintings. He uses different variations of Khat in his calligraphic works often combining illumination like gold or silver leaf to enhance the purity of his work. His work was displayed along with that of other dominant artists like Ismail Gulgee, Rashid Ali, Mashkoor Raza, Rind, Farrukh Shahab, G Farooqi, and Riaz Rafi in an exhibition held at the Pakistan High commission in UK.

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