CID arrests two Sipah-e-Muhammad target killers

CID arrests two Sipah-e-Muhammad target killers

KARACHI: Crime Investigation Department (CID) 'revealed' the network of one banned sectarian outfit by releasing their pictures and sketches, while also claiming to have apprehended two members of the same gang. 
The CID revealed pictures of four members of the group, including ringleader Syed Wasim Ahsan Naqvi alias Shahid alias Kafshif. The other members are Nisar Hussain alias Rehmat, Abbas Gora and Mohammad Ali Rizvi alias Doctor, while sketches of seven members including Gul alias Abdullah, Sajid, Kashif alias Arif, Imran alias Mota alias Kalo, Adnan alias Manjan, and two unidentified, have also been released.
There are a total of 17 members in the group as per the CID.
The arrest of two members of the said group was disclosed during a press conference held by in-charge of CID's Counter Terrorism and Financial Crime Unit (CTFU) on Saturday. The officials also recovered one motorcycle, a Kalashnikov, three pistols, two cars and a CD containing the list of would-be targets. 
The CID-CTFCU officials say that the arrests were made after an encounter when a police team on a tip-off raided Abbas Town. 
In-charge CTFCU Raja Omar Khattab informed the media that the arrested suspects are affiliated with banned sectarian outfit, Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan and a person, namely Syed Waseem Ahsan Naqvi alais Shahid was their ringleader in Karachi. 
"This group comprises of around 16 to 17 members and has been involved in around 60 cases of sectarian targeted killings in Karachi alone," Khattab informed media. "A neighbouring Islamic country is providing funds to this group. They have also received military training from the neighbouring country."
The arrested suspects revealed that their ringleader used to pay Rs 15,000 monthly to each member, to target the people on sectarian basis and even provided a residential flat and motorcycles. "These members knew each other only by faces and not by original names as they used code words," CTFCU in-charge explained. 
Besides individual acts of target killings, the arrested persons also revealed to have targeted the central leader of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, Maulana Aurangzaib Farooqui in Gulshan-e-Iqbal in December 2012 in which Farooqui was wounded while six of Farooqui's security guards, including four policemen lost their lives. Separately this group was also involved in the targeted killings of four religious scholars and leaders in Nursery area last year.
"The group members even visited the rallies and processions of the rival sect by exposing themselves as journalists to select their targets," Khattab explained. "Few members of this group were also arrested in past, but were later released from jails." He said that the police was looking for the mastermind and more group members, who would soon be arrested. 

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