‘EU members can avail potential investment in Sindh, enjoy tax holiday’


KARACHI: The countries of European Union (EU) can avail the opportunities of potential investment in Sindh in addition to tax holiday, other attractive incentives besides trade and life protection by the government of Sindh.Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah in a meeting with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium Peter Claes said Karachi has great strategic importance and advantages in the international trade and commerce activities because of having seaport facility.Whereas on other side the Sindh province is rich with the natural resources, which include agriculture, livestock, dairy farming, mines and minerals, oil and gas, coal reserves, wind corridor and environment for solar energy as well.He said in this province the investors could enjoy the infrastructure and incentives facilities from the Sindh government and cheap labour force easily available in the market.He said his govt has also established special economic zones for the local and foreign investment besides we were ready to give vast space to the EU in these zones.After 18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, the provinces can negotiate and enter into agreement with my country to do or further promote the trade, commerce and investment activities.He said in order to achieve this target he himself and delegations from Sindh government have attended investment conference abroad and successfully achieved the investment from China, Turkey and other national and international trading organisations. At present not only Sindh province but also Pakistan as a whole was experiencing hardships of energy crises. He said Sindh has planned mega energy power projects by utilising its indigenous reserves like qualitative Thar Coal reserves and wind corridors at district Thatta and Jamshoro.In addition Sindh province is blessed with the all natural seasons, efficient but best irrigation system to cultivate millions acres of agricultural land to produce cotton, wheat, rice sugarcane, fruits and vegetables.  There are many popular varieties of rice and fruits including mango, which are popular throughout world. Karachi is being considered as the gateway for the countries in south Asia and any trade, business and investment in Sindh province would have good potential besides strengthening bilateral relations with people and government of Sindh.Peter Claes said he wanted to promote trade and commerce activities in this province and could generate job opportunities besides facilities for infrastructure for the progress and prosperity of the people.He said he would play his role as bridge between Sindh and his Kingdom and other countries of EU. Better communication can yield better business and technical know-how within the countries.

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