JI chief for abolishing VIP culture

KARACHI: The main issue of the country is non-implementation of law and justice in its true spirit, law is only exercise on the downtrodden and poor people while the elite class is getting immunity from courts of justice.
Newly elected Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan chief Siraj-ul-Haq on his first arrival at Karachi Airport addressing thousands of party workers, children and people belonging to different walks of life including doctors, lawyers, engineers, traders, teachers, students and labours said the JI wanted to eliminate the ‘VIP culture’ and introduce the culture where downtrodden and poor people get special treatment in hospitals, educational institutions and courts.
He said the government has failed to provide relief to the masses and did not fulfill its promises made before elections.
Siraj-ul-Haq urged PML-N government to implement its party manifesto and take effective measures in order to eliminate corruption, unemployment and lawlessness from the country.
Commenting on the recent situation of Karachi, he said the economic hub of the country was in grip of terrorism for the last two decades, those who claimed the mandate of the city have failed to ensure peaceful environment to the people of Karachi.
Targeted killings, extortion and other crimes are on the rise in Karachi, the federal and provincial government have completely failed to formulate an effective strategy in order to provide relief to the people of the city from such menace, he added.
The law and order situation of the city is being destroyed through a planned conspiracy and supremacy of law was needed in order to pull out the country, particularly Karachi from the clutches of criminals.
He said the elite class was seized 95 percent of the country’s resources and destroyed the public institutions by their corruption and malafide practices.
“JI wants provision of basic necessities, education facilities and justice to the common men and elimination of VIP culture”, he added.
He said the few families have held the politics and democracy on the country hostage and concealing the corruption of each other.

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