JSQM holds ‘Freedom March’, funerals of slain men held


KARACHI: A large number of political activists gathered at the Tibet Centre to participate in the “Freedom March” held by the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM). 
Speaking at the rally, JSQM Chairman Sanan Qureshi, the son of late Bashir Qureshi, condemned the double killing of JSQM leaders Maqsood Khan Qureshi and his colleague Salman Wadho. He said, “Today’s rally was the continuation of efforts started by late Bashir Khan on 23rd March 2012. However, a few days ago our colleagues were martyred. He said Sindhi are a peaceful and loving nation for centuries. “You would have heard the names of Punjabi Taliban or Pashtun Taliban. But you would have never heard of Sindhi Taliban,” he added. 
He asked what message has been sent to them by the killing of Maqsood Qureshi and his colleague Salman Wadho and torching of the dead bodies. Sanan said the whole Sindhi nation is protesting over the tragic incident. Other Sindhi nationalist leaders who were present included Niyaz Kalani, Kaiher Ansari, Dodo Maheri, Zain Shah and Habib Jatoi. A number of women, mainly party workers, also participated in the protest.
Talking to Daily Times, Sindhi nationalist leader Zain Shah said these kinds of incidents could be threat to the existence of the country. “This is not first event of its kind, as there was long list,” he added. He stressed the need to follow the true spirit of 23rd March 1940. Dodo Maheri, another nationalist leader said first it was Bashir Qureshi who became the target. Now his brother was attacked to stop him to take part in the rally. “Voice of Sindhi people could not be pressed through these actions,” said Dodo. Among others, Habib Jatoi was of the view that killing of JQSM leaders was ‘all norms of violation of human rights. 
“There is not a single case registered against Maqsood Qureshi. He was a non-violent person. This is our genocide. 
If there is a case against someone, he should be deal according to law,” said Jatoi. Artist Asad Qureshi said Sindhis are a peaceful nation but in the return they are rewarded with dead bodies. Raheela Ali Soomro, who had come from Jamshoro to participate in the public gathering, told that Sindhi nation is being victimized for a long time. She demanded that rights of Sindh should be given to the people.  
On the occasion funeral prayers of the Maqsood Khan Qureshi and his colleague Salman Wadho were offered. Later on the bodies were send to Ratodero, Larkana. Earlier a large rally comprising buses, coaches, motorbikes and rickshaws marched at city’s roads from Gulshan-i-Hadeed to Tibet Centre passing through Sharea Faisal, Shahrah-i-Quaideen and Numaish Chowrang. Participants from all over the Sindh were carrying protesting banners to condemn the killing of double killing of JSQM leaders. They chanted slogans ‘Sindh want freedom’ and ‘Marsoon, Marsoon, Sindh Na Deson. 
Heavy police contingents had been deployed at the routes of the rally. Police mobiles were patrolling along with the rally. However, the rally participants remained peaceful and no untoward situation arose.

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