Treasury, opposition benches in SA debate PPO


KARACHI: Sindh Assembly (SA) session after long debates by treasury and opposition benches finally referred Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)’s resolution against the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance (PPO) to the provincial standing committee on Law and Parliamentary Affairs on Tuesday.Syed Sardar Ahmed of MQM talking to Daily Times informed standing committee would meet first time on Thursday. He said before the proceedings, committee would elect its chairman.In a ruling speaker SA Agha Siraj Durrani said committee would redraft the resolution and present it in one-week time.Khawaja Izhar-ul-Hassan MQM deputy parliamentary leader in SA presented resolution, which said, “This House strongly condemns and rejects PPO, which is not only in violation of Constitution of Pakistan but also supersedes the judicial system and power of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This House recommends government of Sindh to approach federal government to withdraw dictatorial, unconstitutional and undemocratic ordinance, which does not safeguards the human rights.”Khawaja Izhar termed PPO a draconian law. He said under the ordinance any accused could be held for ninety days at unknown place and uninformed to his family. PPO does not allow the accused to approach his heirs and the captivity cannot be challenged in any court other than Supreme Court.Even being proved guilty, any accused could be derived of his property while his citizenship could also be cancelled. He said the law was against the human rights and Pakistan was getting bad name because of such law.We want to enforce to strengthen law enforcement agencies (LEAs) on technical, moral and social grounds but we did not want such laws, which violated the democracy and human rights, he said.It is the duty of prosecution to prove the guilt of accused person. There are weaknesses in our institutions so are the weaknesses in prosecution, he added.There are black sheep in police department. However no steps have been taken to clean up the black sheep in institutions, MQM leader added.Opposing the PPO, MQM leader Fasial Sabzwari said, “It looks like it is the law to shoot anybody, anywhere without any case”.Syed Sardar Ahmed said such laws should be made to bring justice and end to lawlessness. However through PPO, lawlessness would increase.  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Parliamentary party leader Samar Ali Khan said the ordinance was a draconian law and even no debate was necessary to discuss it. He said implementing the existing laws could control terrorism.Defending PPO PML-N Parliamentary Party leader Irfanullah Khan Marwat said the ordinance was not against any political party but to stop terrorism.If facts and figures were presented in the House, Karachi leads in killings due to terrorism. It means terrorism prevails in the city.Chief Minister Sindh welcomed the ordinance and had said such law was the need of the hour, said PML N lawmaker.He said if there were errors in the law, it could be corrected through identification.Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani Sindh Minister for Works and Services said although present situation demands strict laws but PPO has various deficiencies. We should not pass the resolution in hurry and should refer it to standing committee that would redraft the resolution.Sindh senior Minister for Education and Literacy Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said proposals should be given regarding the misuse of law and a new resolution should be presented before the House.Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel said PPP was against PPO. Due to dictatorship terrorism flourished in the country, which could not be eliminated through such laws.MQM MPA Bilqees Mukhtar, Irum Azeem Farooqi, Kamran Akhter, Zafar Kamali, Waqar Hussain Shah and other also opposed the PPO.MQM MPA Muhammad Hussain moved privilege motion in which he said additional chief secretary Planning and Development Sindh has not sent the advice to finance department for release of funds against approved development schemes to all MPAs of MQM while funds have been released to other MPAs.Sindh Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr SikandarMahendaro opposed the motion saying the matter has already been come under debate. After hearing both sides, Shela  Raza acting speaker rejected the motion. PTI MPA Khurram Sher Zaman tabled a resolution that National Anthem should be played in the House before commencement of the proceedings. Sikandar Mendhro, Syed Sardar Ahmed and Nisar Khuhro were of the view there was lot of respect of National Anthem but it should be played on special occasions. Therefore a redraft should be presented in front of House, which Khurram Sher Zaman agreed.

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