Tooth decay identified as a major cause of isolation among elderly

KARACHI: Tooth decay not only has negative implications on health but also affects communication capacities of senior citizens making them isolated, said experts at a workshop organised by the Baqai Dental College on Thusrsday.
Speakers including Dr Kashif Ikram, Dr Syed Farid Mohsin, Dr Talha M Siddiqui and Dr Adil ur Rehman Qureishi in their respective presentations on the occasion said tooth decay may be an age-related phenomenon, yet healthy habits related to oral hygiene can enhance life of natural denture.
Dr Syed Farid Mohsin said that the growing attention of the people towards aesthetic value of teeth coupled with associated beauty of face has turned many towards dental care and denture repair.
“Unfortunately we often overlook the fact that people who have lost their teeth, usually senior citizens, are often unable to communicate well,” he said.
Elaborating his stance, he said words spoken by a toothless person are difficult to be deciphered by others as the necessary buffer of the teeth that helps provide utterances and needed clarity is denied.
“Consequently, we witness that people are unable to comprehend what an elderly may be talking about and often shun them leading to extreme distress and psychological pressure on the latter,” said Dr Fareed.
The senior dental surgeon said that this fact cannot be ignored that the ageing process has its wear and tear on different parts of the human body and this include teeth.
“Proper intake of calcium, care towards oral hygiene, avoidance of paan and cigarette can significantly delay tooth loss process, however, it can not be avoided in every case,” he said.
In the given situation people in general and those associated with dental care profession need to ensure that people losing their teeth, due to a number of reasons, are neither isolated nor lose their health due to restricted food consumption capacities. He said that modern technology has paved way for user-friendly artificial denture and it is upon the local dentists to see that masses in need are facilitated. 

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