11th Children’s Literature Festival commences at ACP

11th Children’s Literature Festival commences at ACP

KARACHI: The 11th Children’s Literature Festival started in full swing at Karachi Arts Council on Thursday by Idara-e-Taleem o Aagahi and co-founded by Ameena Saiyid with the support of Open Society Foundations (OSF) and Karachi Youth Imitative (KYI).
The distinguished aspect of this CLF was the first ever Teacher Literature Festival which was celebrated on Thursday. With an aim to unlock the power of reading, the festival remained packed with round 2000 teachers from both private and government sector schools.
Shaded in various themes of classical and popular literature, various sections of Arts Council Karachi were named like Daastaan Sraa’aay, Shah Abdul LatifBhitai, Kitab Ghar, Talism-e- Hoshruba, Tot Batot, Autaaq, Tota Khanani, Shahi-Guzar Gah and CLF Dhaba.
The highlights of the day includes the sessions on Art of Reading with Expression by Imrana Maqsood, Seeemi Zaidi, Zambeel Dramatic Readings, Syed Nusrat Ali, Farheen Zehra and Adnan Jaffar & Fawad Khan; Creative Writing Workshop by Asif Farrukhi, Shaha Jamsehed, Mona Qaiser and Shaheena Alvi, Use of New Media in Classrooms by Bolo Bhi, Asma Sikander, Azra Naseem, Sabeen Mehmud, Toffee TV and Tentative Collective. A well knitted session on Teacher’s Education and Literature was conducted by Shahid Siddiqui. Ms.Shanta Dixit (Nepal) enlightened the audience on comprehension through dramatics.
Teachers’ Voices was the session which let the teachers speak out themselves on What Promotes or Inhibits Reading and Creativity in Classrooms conducted by Ameena Saiyid, Mosharraf Zaidi, Aziz Kabani, Farida Zuberi, Sadiqa Salahuddin.  OUP gave away awareness on Copy Rights and Digital Products. A literary session on Mobilizing Living Heritage from Our Literature was led by Zobaida Jalal, Attiya Dawood, Ayub Balouch and moderated by CLF founder Baela Raza Jamil.
Another Session which just made the teachers glued to it was a discussion led by Zubedia Mustafa, Bernadettee Dean, Aziz Kabani and Rajwali Khattak. Since any literature festival is incomplete without the book launches, so the same custom was maintained by CLF by launching books like Layla aur Munni Gudia, Laddu Paida Hua, Rana Liaqat Ali Khan Tasweeri Kahani Silsala, Something Black and White written by Rumana Hussain. Likewise, Suraj the Tiger Cub by Farida Mirza, Magical Tale about Pakistan by Asma Sikander, Dotty the Unique Zebra by Batul Tunio, The Book of Little Stories and Big Dreams & Peace by Sibtain Naqvi, Sehatki Kahani by Amra Alamand the fourth edition of CLF Publication Urran Tastari was also launched.
Another session which compelled the teacher to attend it from beginning to end was on Transformational Teaching and Introduction to Teaching as Leadership by Teach for Pakistan. In the same way, Teachers’s Katecheri:  Discussion on Teachers Duties and Right to Education was arranged by Right to Education Campaign of ITA and Teach for Pakistan.
The multi-sensory stalls displayed by Idara e Taleem o Aagahi, School Assesment and School Improvement SASI, HBL, Sindh Education Foundation, Interactive Activities, Education for Sindh, Toffee TV and Alif Ailaan’s Meesaak-e-ilm made the visitors to explore about the initiatives of these organizations.
Various book stalls also grasped the attention of Visitors who shopped various books for them and their students. Last but not the least, CLF Dhabba was quiet famous among all the visitors because of its various stalls of food items. The activities of the TLF ended on a note that teachers would implement the lessons learnt today in their teaching. The festival celebration’s ended with making and retention of CLF Tarana written by Zehra Nigah and composed by Rakae Jamil.

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