SAP for setting up Minority Rights Commission

KARACHI: South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP) organised follow up of media consultation with an objective to consult the electronic and print media of Karachi about establishment of Minority Rights Commission and protection of religious minorities in Sindh besides to increase the protection and promotion of rights of expression, assembly, association and thought and increase advocacy and lobbying for the establishment of Minority Rights Commission at provincial levels. Media personnel along with SAP representatives, civil society members and others spoke on the occasion.Ms Shahnaz Sheedi provincial coordinator of SAP Pakistan presented the SAP intervention for promotion and protection of religious minorities in Sindh. She said religious minorities were threatened on basis discrimination and political parties manifesto was not protect the rights of religious minorities. SAP has designed collective strategy with support of media and political parties for promotion of eights of expression, association, assembly and thoughts (REAT). SAP is struggling for promote religious harmony and ensure the freedom of religious, freedom of expression and thoughts in different communication channels. Religious minorities’ protection and security is responsibility of state, she added. Dr Jaipal Chhabria member of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said minorities were contributing in Gross National Product and paying taxes of citizenship. Pakistan is secular state and not an Islamic state. He said Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Jinnah’s speech on August 11, 1947 said ‘you are free to go mosque, mandir and church for pray and you are free to say everything’. Hindu has contributed in formation of Pakistan. He said minorities’ right commission is good initiatives and should support the media. He said media could publicise the REAT objectives and sensitised the policymakers for rights of religious minorities in Pakistan. 

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