‘Asking people not to pay taxes is supporting tax evasion culture’

KARACHI: In a country where tax-paying culture is almost non-existent while tendency to pay for amenities and utilities is dwindling any endorsement of the same is a cause of serious concern. Reacting to PTI chief Imran Khan’s civil disobedience call coupled with suggestion to people to neither pay their taxes nor clear their utility bills many of the Karachiites said Imran appeared to had been carried away in his zest. People from different walks of life talking to APP Monday said that the march and sit-in appeared to be falling flat. There was also no dearth of those who taking strong exception to the call given by PTI leader cited this to be a tactic to maintain momentum for his movement at the cost of national interest. Commenting about the unfolding situation in the aftermath of march taken out and the consequent sit-in on the Islamabad thoroughfare till acceptance of series of demands they opined that personal or even party interests must not surpass national interests. Mohammad Zubair, a banker said being citizens of an independent country it was our responsibility to realize that the state is supported to meet its expenses. Seema Mazahir a local college teacher in reply to a question agreed that these expenses must necessarily be developed and public service oriented. 

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