Sindh govt allocates Rs 20bn to generate electricity from various sources

 KARACHI: Sindh government has allocated Rs 20 billion for entire energy sector in line with its goal to be self-sufficient in producing electricity to its citizens and would be an exporter of electricity to different provinces by 2018. The provincial government in its Annual Development Plan (ADP) has allocated Rs 13.5 billion for the development of Thar Coal infrastructure and Rs 7 billion for power development initiatives. The government underscored it has invested a whopping Rs 30 billion on different studies and projects related to Thar without mentioning its results achieved so far against the massive allocation of funds. It laid down its emphasis on electricity generations with number of initiatives including in renewable energy, coal, oil and gas sectors. Besides the coal related projects, the allocation of Rs 7 billion will be spent on various undergoing projects, which the government claimed to have started in the recent years. Among its initiatives, the power projects under Public Private Partnership include a gas fired 100 megawatts (MW) project at Nooriabad. The work is underway on River project at Rohri Canal Khairpur Waste to Energy project of 20 MW and five solar power of 20 MW each. The government spelled out its plan to work further on renewable projects under wind corridors as it had issued letter of intents for wind development to developers in this regard. A little success on the policy has been achieved by it after National Electric Power Regulatory Authority NEPRA finally enhanced the cap for wind power tariff to 1,250 MW, which has attracted many companies of renewable energy that were providing to generate electricity, the government claimed. To further expand its scope, the provincial government has incorporated Sindh Wind Power Development Company, and established Alternative Energy Development Fund. The government also established Sindh Transmission and Despatch Company, which it termed fill the vacuum left by National Transmission Despatch Company. In this way, the government will work on its owned and private companies projects. In line with 18th Constitutional Amendment, a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework for this sector is being development to duly acknowledge the provincial right in the sector of oil and gas. In addition to it, a Sindh Energy Holding Company has been constituted with a seed capital of Rs 250 million had acquired 2.5 percent working interest with Oil and Gas Development Company Limited and Pakistan Petroleum Limited in six concession areas but the government has kept Rs 750 million for further development in this resource. The Sindh government has established independent commercial operations Sindh Oil and Gas Company Limited to start research and development for coal bed methane in collaboration with Exploration and Production companies. There is a pilot project for solarisation of 350 off-grid schools in Nangarparkar and 100 off-grid houses in district Sanghar, the project would be completed by September 2014. The provincial government has established various departments to functions various role in the field of energy development. It also listed down some of the project being underway with the collaboration of different private companies however it is reluctant to give an estimate and deadline that how many MWs would be added in provincial national grid in the possible timeframe, which could elaborate its goal of 2018 to be self-sufficient and exporter in electricity. 

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