President stress promotion of education to steer Pakistan towards prosperity


KARACHI: President Mamnoon Hussain while terming illiteracy as a big challenge to the country has underlined the need for the promotion of education to steer the country towards socio-economic development and prosperity.
Addressing the 18th convocation of the Hamdard University, here on Saturday, he said that there was a lot of talent in Pakistan, which needs to be tapped in a positive manner through enhancing literacy rate in the country.
The president said that facilitating provision of education to the citizens was the responsibility of the government, however, the private sector also has a major role to play in complementing government’s efforts towards provision of education to the people.
The president on the occasion paid tributes and lauded the services of Shaheed Hakim Muhammad Saeed in the education sector. He also appreciated the Hamdard University for its role in imparting quality education and exhibiting dedication and commitment towards its mission. 
Mamnoon Hussain said that the students of Hamdard University should be proud that they were fulfilling the mission of Shaheed Hakim Muhammad Saeed.
He congratulated all the graduating students on their success, and said that their academic achievement was the result of the prayer of their parents, the efforts of their teachers and most importantly their own hard work, dedication and perseverance.  
He expressed the hope that the graduates would face the future challenges of life with same commitment and perseverance.
The president underscored the need for educational institutions to keep their degree programmes aligned with the international standards and the requirements of industry and businesses in order to enable the youth find their place in the present day competitive world and to be able to effectively play their role towards the socio-economic development of the country.
He said that every nation needs human resource which is socially aware and is ready to adapt itself for changes. President Mamnoon Hussain observed that Hamdard University has the ability to produce such human capital which can secure a high position for Pakistan in the academic field and can also play its role towards projecting the country as peaceful and safer place in the world.
On this occasion the president also called upon the graduating students to continue striving for bringing about positive change in the society. He said that a single individual on its own may not be able to bring about the desired changes but he/she can prove him/herself as stimulus to change. 
In order to bring about change in society, one needs to first change him/herself for the better, the president said and added that when individual efforts are turned into collective efforts, only then the revolutions take place. The president also called upon the graduates of Hamdard University to be loyal and to devote their energies for further betterment of their beloved homeland. The president called upon them to start their practical phase of life with full confidence, commitment and conviction.  While expressing his best wishes he prayed for successful career of the graduating students and also for the continued success of the university in its mission.

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