Hafiz Shirazi’s poetic version visualisation on canvas by Mohsen Keiany


KARACHI: Artscene Gallery has inaugurated a solo exhibition ‘Peer-e-Meikadeh’ by an Iran based renowned artist Dr Mohsen Keiany featuring detailed work on the poetries of legendary Persian poet Hafiz Shirazi on Tuesday.Over 30 paintings are on display, whereas a large number of people including art lovers, art critics and notables attended the inauguration ceremony.Dr Keiany’s latest series ‘Peer-e-Meikadeh’ is inspired by the poems of Shirazi, making the paintings a visualisation of Hafiz’s poetic journey. Peer-e-Meikadeh or the tavern keeper in Persian literature has long been a symbol of the perfect spiritual man, also known Dervish, Rend and old Megi.On the medium of oil on canvas, the artist has transformed the poetic work of Shirazi on his canvas with making people, animals particularly horses and elements from the natural world. He included the poetry lines of Shirazi in his paintings with unique style.One of his paintings, ‘Nazaninan’ was about women, playing musical instruments. Dr Keiany definitely visualised pleasuring poetry, in which he showed women in peaceful environment playing musical instruments while moonlight is also visible from their behind. The artist used various dark colours in the painting, enhancing beauty of the masterpiece.Another ‘Lebas-e-Eshq’ was the art piece revolving around love and peace. The artist showed Sufis and a woman in the painting presenting the love gesture with humanity and Almighty. On the background of the painting, Keiany made old kind of architecture perhaps mosques and prayer houses.‘Depature’ and ‘Singing the war’ were about the war views of old era. In both paintings the artist made warriors of old time, who used to fight with their swords and arrows. In the paintings, attires of worriers were also visible as demonstrated through the sophisticated work by Dr Keiany.Dr Keiany’s style, technique and use of materials blends approaches from East and West. The most important culture inspiration, however comes from past and present Persian cultural traditions. References to Persian miniatures, manuscripts, archaeology, history, pottery, music, calligraphy, poetry, ceramic tiles and stained glass window design appear in his paintings. They also combine philosophical considerations and Islamic spirituality. Dr Keiany said, “My art is my cultural identity. My culture is my dignity and it is main source of inspiration.”The bright colours remind us of tiles and stained-glass windows in Persian architecture. The warm colours represent the sunny climate of Iran, he said. Peer-e-Meikadeh in fact is the guardian of culture in the material world, connecting the human materialistic mind to the great holiness of God, he added. It is necessary to mention this is the fourth exhibition of Dr Mohsen Keiany in Karachi. The exhibition will continue till April 24.

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