Gifts exchanged, love reaffirmed as city marks Valentine’s

* Musical, other programmes held in some areas of the city to celebrate the day
Gifts exchanged, love reaffirmed as city marks Valentine’s

KARACHI: A boy wearing red shirt and dark trouser was saying to his wife, “I really love you and want to spend the rest of my live with you”, while sitting with her and staring in her eyes, at the National Museum Park.
This was a common seen, on Friday, in the metropolis of Karachi as like other parts of the country, as well as the globe, Karachiites also celebrated Valentine’s Day with their loved ones by arranging parties, get-togethers and exchanging love messages. Apart from the question of its alignment with local values, the day is now celebrated as the day of lovers in several parts of the world.
On the day, people particularly youngsters, present cards, gifts and roses, besides sending messages on mobile phones. 
Musical and other programmes are also held in some areas of the city to celebrate the day. In the megalopolis of Karachi, youngsters could be seen wearing red dresses at universities, shopping malls, parks and other spots. Millions of red roses and cards were exchanged on the day. Shopping malls and hotels were also specially decorated with red colours.
A man, Irshad Ahmed, who was shopping on local mall, said that he celebrates the day every year with his wife and he feels nothing wrong with it. “If you are married then you must celebrate this day while others should hold their nervous till marriage,” he said, adding that every year he give something in gift to his wife and this year he is looking for any branded perfume or makeup kit for his better half. Ahmed added that red flowers express love and he is also intended to buy a bouquet for his wife.
A housewife, standing at front of flowers shop in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Asma Aqeel, said that she gives a rose to her hubby on this love day every year. 
“This the third Valentine’s Day since our marriage and I go on dinner with my husband every year where we exchange gifts and spend some unforgettable moments,” she concluded. Ahsan Iqbal, a youngster said while buying a heart shape red balloon, “I am buying it for my girl friend. Though I am against Valentine’s Day, I do it on my girl friend demand,” he said.
Sidra Khan, who bought a candy packet, said, “This day is about spreading love and greetings among loved ones.” We should celebrate the day with enthusiasm as spreading love or happiness is not a bad thing, she added. “I am buying candies for my siblings as I love them a lot. Every year I wish my family members and expresses my deep love to them,” Khan added: “We should celebrate the day with our own norms and values to express affection or to convey our love to others.”
A vender at a local mall, Fahadullah said that he witnesses that gifts sale raises every year gradually. He said that teddy bear was the most popular item in the celebrations of Valentine’s Day and he has fetched verity of teddy bears, ranging among Rs 250 to Rs 10,000. “The price of flowers also witnessed an immense surge. It is necessary to mention here that the prices of flowers observed an increase of 40% as rose stick price has reached to Rs 120.
Though the day is observed as a day of lovers, a division in the society is clearly witnessed. 
At one hand, loving birds were seemed celebrating the day, while at other ‘Haya Day’ was observed by other mindset of the society, particularly in the educational institutes of the city. Several platforms, especially social media sites remained buzzed with debates on Valentine’s Day.

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