Forced conversion grieves Hindu community in Sindh

KARACHI: Hindu girls subjected to forced conversion were deprived of justice due to failed judiciary, corruption and improper representation of minorities, said Amarnath Motumal legal adviser of Pakistan Hindu Seva Welfare Trust (PHSWT) and President of Hindu Panchayat Karachi division on Wednesday.
Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club along with PHSWT’s President Sanjesh S Dhanja and Vice President Chander Kohli, who shared their recent experiences from the fact finding mission on the issues faced by Hindu community which was conducted in seven districts of Sindh by PHSWT in collaboration with Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD).
Considering force conversion as the most saviour issue being faced by the Hindu minority Amarnath Motumal said. “This act experienced in Sindh in the name of Islam was not conversion but the abduction and trade of Hindu girls, conversion to any religion should be after dialogs and sensible discussion instead of using force and criminal tactics.”
Describing the conditions of the girls subjected to conversion Amarnath said mostly the girls were either teen-age or they were not provided with proper counselling as their families were unable to trace them.
In those cases where the victims were traced, the cases were exploited in the courts and the culprits finally remained undeterred while many forced converted girls were scared to get back home as they feared the consequences they and their family might face.
Motumal showed concern on the approach of the state authorities. According to him when a Hindu girl was converted instead of going through its complications, considering the factor of force and blackmailing and inefficient counselling the authorities was mostly seems happy with this act of forced conversion by defending it. Hindu community in Pakistan was scared as they could nether express their grievances nor they could provide information as there was no one to secure them from the consequences of going against the powerful groups working in the name of religion. 
Chander Kohli on the fact finding mission said in many areas of Sindh the Hindu community was subjected to bonded labor, forced conversion, torture and rape many of the victims were committing suicide while they were also being brutally killed responding on the recent killing of a Hindu in Badin district.
The temples in Larkana, Hyderabad, Tharparkar and Jamesabad were demolished while the schools in Tharparkar were still not opened. He denounced police and state authorities being aware of the culprits were intentionally not taking any action. Instead of taking the issues of demolishing the temples the government showed criminal negligence, he added.
Sanjesh Dhanja condemned the discriminatory attitude toward minorities in the organisations where he said 90 percent of the organisation did not act on the 5percent quota for minorities which spreading disappointment among the talented youth of Hindu community.

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