VM Art Gallery showcases work by emerging artists

VM Art Gallery showcases work by emerging artists

KARACHI: This year’s largest exhibition in metropolis, ‘12th Emerging Talent’, has recently commenced at VM Art Gallery, showcasing a variety of art forms like paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, ceramics, and digital installation.
This year, a large number of emerging artists from across Pakistan have participated and showed their hidden talent before the world.
The gallery’s walls have been covered with impressive work of students from more than 15 art institutions of eight major cities.
On the occasion, more than 160 art pieces, including sculptures, are on display. 
Hundreds of people, including famous personalities, art critic, art lover and the general public, are paying visit to the gallery to witness the class of art displayed there.
VM Director Riffat Alvi told Daily Times that this year, small colleges had also sent their work, which was unique. “We were not expecting such an impressive work from students of colleges in the rural areas, but now we believe soon these artists will give a tough competition to all,” she said, adding that this year’s work was applauded by everyone.
She further said that the main purpose of organising the show of emerging artists was to bring forth the hidden artistic skills of the youngsters “who do not have many facilities”. 
“The host this show annually to exhibit the diversity of work being done at different art institutes across Pakistan,” the director concluded.
The participating colleges from Karachi were Indus Valley School of Arts & Architecture (IVS), Karachi School of Arts (KSA), University of Karachi (KU), Central Institute of Arts & Craft (CIAC) and North City School of Arts (NCSA). 
The National College of Arts (NCA), University of Punjab (PU), Hunerkada and Kinnaird College (KC) from Lahore have also participated. 
The Centre of Excellence Art & Designed Jamshoro and the University of Sindh Jamshoro have participated from Hyderabad. The Fatima Jinnah University for Women and the National College of Arts, Rawalpindi, also participated, while Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Multan College of Art, University of Balochistan and Gujrat University also participated by presenting their students’ works.
Zahra Habib of NCA, Lahore, presented a painting on the medium of oil on canvas, which portrayed two teenage girls – apparently siblings – sitting together in their hut in a slum. The artist captured the ordinary things impressively on the canvas while using bright and dark colours. For spectator, it seems like that two teenagers deprived of their rights are posing for a photograph while having smile on their faces.
Maria Khan of the NCSA presented her work in mixed media on canvas. Her creation was an untitled image of a woman and a man. The unique thing about the art piece is that if the viewer looks at it closely, only the woman can be seen, while the man also appears when looked at from a distance. 
Zohaib Rind of the CIAC presented a painting titled ‘Wall chalking’ using oil on canvas, depicting the socio-political scenario of the country. In the painting, the artist shows a man standing in front of a wall inscribed with various slogans of political parties. 
The man has very sad expressions on his face, while his clothes are also worn out.
The work of Mir Jabal, a University of Balochistan student, showcased ‘Unquiet Souls’ using mix media, depicting bloodshed. He also captured the fear among the people with his brilliant artistic skills. ‘Unquiet Souls’ is about a man trying to hide his fearful facial expressions with his hands. The exhibition will continue until March 3.

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