President for revival of Prophet’s (PBUH) seerat

President for revival of Prophet’s (PBUH) seerat

KARACHI: President Mamnoon Hussain opened the international Seerat Conference, organised by Islamic Studies Department, Karachi University (KU) on Wednesday with the pledge to contribute towards revival of Seerat-un-Nabi (PBUH) among the Muslims.
Addressing the inaugural session of the conference, he cited entire life, that is Seerat, of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the panacea for the problems faced by present day world in general and for Muslims in particular. “The challenges we are currently exposed to, both external and internal can be efficiently addressed through compliance to the life, teachings and preaching of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” he said. Appreciative of the theme for the two-day global moot “Seerat-un-Nabi aur Asr-e-Hazir,” the President said the current era was extremely crucial for the Muslims of the world who generally seemed to have lost the track with little understanding about life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Quoting Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa (RA) that the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was manifestation of Quranic injunctions, President Mamnoon said there was urgency to sensitize and motivate people to follow Seerat-un-Nabi. He also suggested provision for Special Review of different studies and research done on Seerat-un-Nabi, during next sessions of the conference being held at Sheikh Zaid Islamic Centre of KU till Thursday. The President also announced to extend all possible support for compilation of Seerat Encyclopedia by Dr Muhammad Shakeel Auj, Director of Seerat Chair and Head of Islamic Studies Department, KU.
The President appreciated presence of renowned scholars in the conference including Prof Abu Sufiyan Islahi from India, Dr Yasin Mazhar Siddiqui and Dr Abdul Haye from Bangladesh, Abdul Ghaffar Mousa from Iraq and several others from the country in the programme. Prof Abu Sufiyan Islahi from Aligarh University in his keynote address said the Prophet (PBUH) who some 1,400 years ago emerged to be the benefactor for humanity, particularly for women and oppressed segments, has left behind his seerat to help people till the day of judgement.
“He through his patience as well as tolerance brought about a rarely expected revolution in an extremely rigid society and there can be no doubt that his principles and practices of life can help to combat the existent chaos and violence,” said the researcher. Dr Islahi, the chief editor of periodical Ikhlaq, said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a source of inspiration for followers of all religions and holy books. Prof Dr Mohammed Shakeel Auj on the occasion said the department plans to organise another international Sunnah Conference on Seerat and Ijtehaad. 
“The existent scenario and fast emerging changes demand that Muslim scholars and jurists resort to “Ijtehaad” to address disintegration, instability, violence and degradation of the Muslim societies. Vice Chancellor KU Dr Mohammed Qaiser in the welcome address said the programme for the two-day conference has been chalked out in a manner that presentations may turn into catalyst to promote seerat culture among the Muslims, pertaining to all segments and sections.

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