Officials told to expedite drive against hydrant mafia

KARACHI: Commissioner Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui has urged the concerned officials to expedite their campaign against the network of illegal water hydrants operational in the metropolis. During his visit to different parts of the city on Tuesday, he also took strong exception to the presence of water tankers moving around with faulty valves and consequent leakage of water. The water, if potable is not only aggravating the problem of its scarcity but also responsible for battered roads, the Commissioner said. He expressed his deep concern that many of the hydrants closed only a few months ago, are witnessed to be operational once again causing heavy loss to the revenue. “This could be possible only through connivance of unscrupulous officials within our departments and we ought to take equal action against these officials as well as the hydrants operators and tankers mafia,” said the Commissioner. He directed that from now onwards all concrete structure raised on the property used as hydrants must be necessarily demolished and all relevant gadgets needed to run hydrants be confiscated and immediately removed from the sites. Siddiqui said damage caused to the road network due to water flowing from the premises of the hydrants as well as by leaking tankers must be contained for good through stringent action against the culprits. “For the very purpose the tankers and hydrants owners must be made to pay for repair and reconstruction of the battered roads,” he said.

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