Sindh CM for action against sectarian killings


KARACHI: Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah has directed the Sindh Police and Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs) to take action against the sectarian killings in Karachi.
He asked to make the impact of targeted operation as sustainable and more improved. He directed the Inspector General of Sindh Police to get the incidents of recent sectarian killing investigated through officer of DIG rank and submit the report in detail showing responsibilities within a week time to him.
During a review meeting he directed police to ensure these incidents should not be repeated in the city or in any part of the province.
Qiam Ali Shah said the implications of sectarian killing were bad, because killing of one opinion leader or worker of any sect was creating unrest to its whole fraternity.
He said though remarkable reduction in crime rate has been achieved after the targeted operation but still there was need to bring more improvement.
Sindh Police should provide full security to the professionals including lawyers, legal, medical, business fraternities who are being targeted for extortions.
He directed IG Sindh Police to further expedite the process for procurement of 100 bullet proof mobiles, 50 APC, latest arm, ammunition and alarm detecting equipments for which Sindh government has not only placed Rs 5 billion on their disposal but has relaxed the rules to meet this requirement on emergency basis.
He directed the IG Sindh Police to expedite the process of recruitment in the force and arrange effective training of the newly inducted corps with the collaboration of Pak-Army as according to him the conventional police training could not cope with present situation.
From the arrest of the criminals, investigation, prosecution and conviction of the criminals were the stages of this targeted operation and directed the officers concerned to public their performance of each stage rather than projecting only figures of encounters and arrests.
He directed the Prosecutor General to follow the cases of targeted operation properly and also to recommend the cases of most heinous crime to the Home Department for shifting the same outside Karachi.
He directed the police for eradicate of illegal water hydrants in the city and asked chief secretary Sindh to take appropriate action against the land grabbers in the city.
Sindh Minister for Information and Local Government Sharjeel Enam Memon in the meeting sought for establishing well equipped checking posts specially at the entry points/ border of the Sindh province and its big cities like Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur to avoid the smuggling of arms, ammunition and explosive material.
He suggested for shifting 8 to 10 cases of heinous crimes to the courts outside the Karachi in every month and not allowing the construction of madarsas without prior permission of authority concerned.
He pointed out unjustified distribution of resources like water might cause the law and order and sought for action against 75 existing illegal water hydrants functioning in the Karachi out of which 40 were working in Karachi west.
The IG Sindh Police Iqbal Mehmood briefing the meeting said there was 3rd force behind the recent sectarian killings in the city, which did not want peace in the city. 
The IG Sindh Police briefed 250 motor bikes have been put in patrolling in the most busiest areas while planning was in the way to utilise all the police check posts lying abandon along-with the super highway for police patrolling after that it to be extended up to National Highway to curb the Highway robberies.
He said that after the testing of model bullet proof mobile, his management shortly to procure the 100 bullet proof vehicles and 50 APC.
The criminals rate has been declined after the targeted operation and as compared to 98 targeted killings reported in January 2013 only 62 have been reported in January 2014, similarly against 101 killings in the February 2013, only 60 cases happened in February 2014 against 90 killing in March 2013, only 57 have been reported in March 2014.
It was also informed out of 98 criminals detained under PPO, JIT has been ordered for 97 criminals.
Home Secretary Dr Niaz Ali Abbasi said Anti-crime Coordination Cell has been established within the Home Department to get feedback regarding heinous crimes, reports for taking action, arrest, prosecute and conviction to the criminals from each district administration.
The Prosecutor General Shair Muhmmad Shaikh said 100 percent increase in the conviction rate has been achieved while the bails to criminal have been got decreased. He said in March 63 bail applications of the criminals have been rejected by the courts.
The Advocate General Fath Malik recommended for taking action against the influx of alien in Sindh and those who were patronising the crime and criminals.

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