Citi Art Gallery to showcase ‘women’s feelings’ by Syed Irfan


KARACHI: Citi Art Gallery will inaugurate a solo exhibition by Syed A Irfan featuring paintings of today’s middle-class women and their various feelings on April 18, 2014. The exhibition will remain continue till April 24.
More than 15 paintings of the artist will be displayed, whereas a large number of art lovers, art critics and others are expected to attend the inauguration ceremony.
Irfan is a miniature painter by inclination. Occasionally he paints portraits of children, senior citizens and damsels from various regions of Pakistan. His natural calling made him paint and draw as a child. At a later stage, he learnt the poetics of miniature painting at a private institution of learning miniature.
After a little while he carved his own style, which merges tradition with contemporary requirements.
Inspired by the high renaissance of Mughal miniature painting, his recent work at Citi Art Gallery is an effort to amalgamate time and feelings. On the backdrop of settings seen in the traditional Mughal miniature paintings, he juxtaposes women from today’s middle class society.
One of his paintings in which he made a woman holding a pigeon in her hands with smiling face standing in decorated attire with makeup and jewellery. Irfan used dark colours in his paintings depicting the love of woman with her beloved one.
In another painting, he drew a woman sitting on a hill playing veena in peaceful environment. It is a musical instrument normally seems in old movies or witnessed in old traditions of Mughal era.
The woman is in glowing saree with wearing jewellery. The painting is the demonstration of love of woman with music and peace. 
Similarly, in another masterpiece, artist showed a woman sitting on a throne. The painting was perhaps about the women of Mughal period, in which notable ladies were used to sit on thrones. The artist decorated the throne with pillows ‘Gao Takyas’ and showed a deep thought expressions on the woman face.
In his statement Irfan said, “I relates the act of painting with emotions. My work to a large extent is a reflection of my life. I accept the challenge of keeping alive the spirit of traditional miniature painting in post modern times.”
He belongs to a family which adheres to it traditional cultural and social values. Traditional miniature painting is the title song of art and culture of the subcontinent. He uses miniature painting as his language to tell the audience we have not forgotten and still love our traditions. But as he lives in the present times, he cannot ignore the claims of contemporary necessities. Irfan creates an aura of the Mughal period by painting situations like holding pigeons, or sitting on thrones decorated with ‘gao takyas’, holding a rose in hand like a Mughal princess, heavily curtained large windows etc. Plants on his canvases are also derivative from the Mughal miniature. Exploring small details of a situation or thing is an essential of miniature painting.

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