Chaos in SA prevents MQM from presenting resolution against PPO Bill


KARACHI: The chaos in Sindh Assembly (SA) session on Friday did not allow Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) to present a resolution against Protection ofPakistan Ordinance (PPO) Bill.
Leader of the opposition in SA Faisal Sabzwari said, “MQM already submitted the resolution against PPO Bill but this could not be brought in House today, as the session was early adjourned.”
We would bring this resolution again in the next session when House would meet on Monday, he told journalists.
Uproar started in the House during ‘Question and Answers session’ when Nisar Ahmed Khuhro Sindh senior Education and Literacy Minister responded the remarks of Syed Khalid Ahmed MQM MPA. “Don’t call my people of Sindh ineligible.”
On the issue of illegal appointments in education department during last tenure, Sindh government should have dismissed 12 officials from their service. But suspending them government have actually saved them, Khalid said.
He demanded those elements who bull dozed the merit and brought ineligibles in place of eligibles should be dismissed from their jobs.
Khuhro in response came hard and protested by using words for people of Sindh ineligible.
Treasury benches applauded the remarks of minister while opposition members stood up on their seats and out-cried. Members from treasury benches also exchanged words. House was presenting the picture of fish market.
Acting Speaker Shehla Raza tried her level best to cool down things but they went out of control. Speaking to opposition benches Shahla said, “By making uproar all of you could get nothing but only come in the news. Your uproar has converted House into fish market, said Shahla. Speaker insisted opposition member to listen the answer of minister first.
Opposition shouted ‘shame, shame’, ‘choron ka defence na manzoor’ and ‘gunda gardi nahi chalay gi’. At one point speaker said, “Okay I give you 5 minutes, you can make noises, when you will end it, I would ask minister to complete his reply.
You are behaving like school kids who persist to go for early break. It looks you are not in mood to continue the proceedings, said Shahla.
If I would find any objectionable word, such words would be expunged, she assured the House. Khuhro resumed his speech from the same point, “Yes I object that don’t call my people of Sindh ineligible. Pervez Mushrraf also called people of Sindh ineligible,” remarked the minister that fuelled the uproar again.
Speaker kept pointing out towards the wastage of time because of chaos but all went in vain as the result she suspended the House proceedings for ten minutes.
When session resumed, Pakistan Muslim League-NIrfanullah Khan Marwat suggested since it was time for Juma prayer, House should be adjourned. Minister for parliamentary affairs, Dr Sikandar Mandhro also agreed to the suggestion and acting speaker adjourned the House till Monday morning.
Earlier Nisar Khuhro told the House during last government there was over- hiring of staff as compared to approved number of vacancies. Six thousand hiring were made in teaching department in Karachi as compare to approved vacancies of 1,400. Whereas in non-educational staff there were 2,900 vacancies, however 4,000 hiring were made, he informed.
During the hiring process no proper procedure was followed and documents were also not checked, minister admitted.
Khuhro told the house when he came to know this, he took stern action and suspended twelve officers. “Those officers went to court and obtained stay order. We have not made appointment yet. Candidates have also contacted the court for their stopped salaries. Those who were appointed illegally would not be paid salaries.
During the proceedings opposition members strongly protested over the provision of development funds to the treasury benches and deprivation of the opposition members.
Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani suggested minister for parliamentary affairs Dr Sikandar Mandhro should arrange a meeting of opposition members with chief minister Sindh in order to resolve this matter. Mandhro assured the House a meeting would be arranged soon.
Syed Sardar Ahmad MQM parliamentary leader in SA said under Tameer-e-Pakistan programme every member was sent a letter in which it was told that every member would get Rs 40 million each on submitting development schemes. He said no implementation on schemes could be made possible, as funds were not released.
He said according to new rules of SA, a debate on budget should be conducted after every three months but after passing nine months it was not yet clear how much expenditures were made and income generated.
In the reply Mandhro told the House in next coming week a discussion on budget would be held. The problem of funds would also be sorted out. Oppostion MPAs Khawaja Izhar, Muhammad Hussain, Syed Khalid Ahmad, Nand Kumar Goklani, Khurram Sher Zaman and Samar Ali Khan were of the view that there was no provision of funds to opposition members for such schemes.
After the session, leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly Faisal Sabzwari told media persons what else could be called apart from ineligible recruitment of 30,000 people on the basis of bribe and political liking. Syed Sardar Ahmed, Khawaj Izhar and other MQM MPAs also accompanied him.
In last government, jobs were provided on the basis of bribe and political affiliations, he alleged.
Criticising the performance of acting speaker Shahla raza, he said she acted like a school principal and dealt members of Assembly, as they were school kids. Responding to a question, Faisal said Sindh government was carrying out discrimination between rural and urban Sindh. “Every MPA was asked to submit suggestions for schemes under Tameer-e-Pakistan for granting Rs 40 million each but unfortunately not a single scheme of any of the opposition members has been approved, he told.
He said out of 42 provincial assembly members from Karachi, 39 belong to MQM. Even after the time of four months not a single MQM MPA’s scheme has been approved. Whereas government’s members have been provided funds. Government through its actions should prove that it does not discriminate the rural and urban Sindh, Faisal added.
He warned if government did not change its attitude they would continue protest over it. “Our protest should not be given the name of prejudice, he explained.
He said reconciliation between MQM and PPP was under way. “We accept their mandate and at the same time hoped our mandate would also be accepted,” he viewed.
Upon a question regarding Sharjeel Memon’s statement on hiring the criminals in the different departments during Arbab Rahim tenure, he said everybody knew during previous government, the then home minister appointed gangsters in the police force and the result of that act was being faced by the people of Sindh especially people of Karachi and traders.
Talking with journalists Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon said PPP and MQM reconciliation was under way. The heated moments witnessed between treasury and opposition benches was only limited to House, he told. He said there was no enmity between PPP and MQM.
Sharjeel said during the House proceedings, according to Nisar Khuhro those who were appointed not ineligible, however the recruitment procedure was against the rules.
Sharjeel said he himself wanted to give a statement on the floor of the House but could not get an opportunity due to disturbance.
He said during Musharraf’s era when Arbab Ghulam Rahim was Chief Minister Sindh, there were vast scale wrongdoings in the appointments in local government, water board, industries and commerce departments.
The people recruited were involved in target killing, murders, attempt of murders, kidnap for ransom and extortion. He said among them many people were arrested by police and law enforcers. A scrutiny of such people was underway. Members alleging us today were sitting on treasury benches in past.
Replying to a question he said Talibans were delivering lectures today on peace. “Those who killed 50,000 innocent Pakistanis are delivering lectures on peace to the nation, which is a good sign.”

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