Airport attack widely condemned

KARACHI: Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC), Pakistan Civil Society Forum Sindh chapter and Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) condemned the terrorist attack at the Karachi Airport.
In a joint statement, these organisations regretted the loss of lives of personnel deployed at the Airport who fell victim to the terrorists’ offence against the biggest Airport of the country.
The matter raises serious questions over the state of security and intelligence that covers highly sensitive establishments such as the Karachi Airport, which is used by the public most frequently. 
Last night terrorists proved they could hold the state of Pakistan hostage anytime they want.
The statement expressing concern over the mid-night attack signalled deep infiltration of militants in the city and their access to plan such a high level assault. 
This has serious repercussions for Karachi that houses 20 million people, from all over Pakistan. They are already victim of acute lawlessness and threatened by political, ethnic and sectarian violence. Their daily lives are already crippled by the continuous state of political instability in the mega city. This attack adds to their insecurity manifolds.
The statement said the citizens of Karachi would be within their right to raise questions over the effectiveness of the operation, launched last year to target criminals and address growing violence in the city. The operation has been running for months and yet the terrorists were able to carry out attack at the most guarded and sensitive public installation.
The PPC, PCSF and PILER urged the core causes of militancy and terrorism be addressed. The state’s continuous support to the forces espousing violence, its dual policy on the Taliban and its unwillingness to commit itself to the welfare and development of its citizens, opting to pursue its own narrow interests, is at the root of the crisis the people of this country repeatedly have to face. 
Defence and security claim one of the highest shares of resources in the annual budget of the country. Yet, Pakistani citizens, especially those in Karachi remain at the mercy of terrorists, speakers added.
PALPA lauds law enforcers:
Meanwhile, Pakistan Air Line Pilots’ Association (PALPA) condemning the attack on Karachi Airport lauded the efforts of the law enforcement agencies in handling the matter with courage and care for the safety of the lives of passengers and others trapped in the premises of the Airport. 
President PALPA Captain Amir Hashmi said, “Condemned the cowardly attack on the Airport and grieved over the loss of lives of Airport Security Force personnel and others during the operation. They are national heroes and will be remembered as martyrs”. 
Their sacrifice for the people of Pakistan will never be forgotten. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the families and friends of the deceased, said Hashmi.
He hoped the attack should not make things difficult for passengers and pilots who were scheduled to travel in this period. What usually happens after such attacks is increased scrutiny of the regular passengers, cabin crew and pilots. PALPA hoped civilians were not affected during their travels. We urge all concerned authorities to take all required measures to prevent such attacks in the future. In this regard and our record revealed PALPA was always available for assistance as and when needed during such situations.

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