Experts call for strategy to eliminate dengue mosquitoes

Experts call for strategy to eliminate dengue mosquitoes

KARACHI: Eminent haematologist and transplant physician at the National Institute of Blood and Bones Marrow Transplantation Dr Tahir S Shamsi on Saturday cautioned the public health institutions to make a comprehensive strategy to eliminate dengue spreading mosquito. 
He warned that that dengue viral fever may take turn for worse in Sindh province, especially in Karachi in upcoming months if proper strategy is not introduced soon for the elimination of dengue mosquitoes. 
He told PPI that the authorities concerned had failed to devise a mechanism to control and eliminate dengue mosquitoes in Sindh province, especially Karachi in the year 2013 as a result, a large of number of people suffered from dengue viral fever and many precious lives were lost. 
He informed that the dengue virus was present in the region and its cycle revisits the region including Pakistan in every five-year time period. He said dengue virus cycle badly hit the country last year and authorities failed to save the citizens from this virus. 
Dr Shamsi said dengue virus will also hit India, Sri Lanka and Thailand badly and Malaysia partially. 
He urged public health institutions to make a comprehensive plan to wipe out the breeding grounds of dengue mosquito in order to stop the expected widespread outbreak of dengue viral fever this year. 
Focal Person for Dengue Surveillance Cell Sindh Dr M Shakeel Aamir Mullick, however, stressed the need of better community role for prevention from dengue viral fever. He said it is not easy to predict about what number of cases to be reported in current year. He said dengue virus revisits different countries again and again like Thailand and Singapore, despite appropriate steps been taken by their governments.
He informed that there are many Asian and other countries affected from dengue virus including Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand and Sri-Lanka. He gave the example of malaria and TB diseases that are yet to be 100 percent controlled in the country despite efforts and planning of many decades.
Mullick urged the people to follow the instructions of experts being issued and publicized time with time to save these selves from the dengue. He advised the public to properly cover themselves from their wrists to collars and also their ankles in order to save them from mosquito bite. He said people should also use mosquito repellents and anti-mosquito coils as preventive measures. 
He said without improving performance of solid waste management and without self-protection measures by citizens the overall situation could not be improved in the province and country. 

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