‘Sindhi is national language of Sindh should be given importance’

KARACHI: Sindhi language is not being taught at private schools in Sindh despite government’s repeated instructions. On the other hand there are thousands of government schools in the province, which are closed. That is creating great loss not only to the standard of education but also Sindhi language.At a seminar on ‘7th July, the day of Sindhi Language’ organised by Jeay Sindh Mahaz (JSM) Abdul Khalique Junejo Chairman JSM said after the demolition of one-unit on July 7, 1972 a bill was passed by Sindh Assembly declaring Sindhi language as official language of the province. After the end of one-unit, it was demanded Sindhi language’s status should be restored, he added.Nationalist leader said anyone who was not friend of education, could not be friend of Sindh. “Education minister in previous tenure repeatedly said a number of closed schools are around seven thousand. Minister in-charge is also holding today the same stance for the last one-and-half year.  History tells us in the past there were many people who invaded Sindh but they faced resistance from locals. Sindh is providing gas, coal and crude oil to the other parts of country. But it was not getting fifty percent of share as per law.“Defecting Sindhi language means to deprive people of Sindh from getting jobs apart from identity of Sindh”. Citing the example of media, he said in today’s world language is also a source of income. Junejo said on daily basis there were reportedly 20 protests being held at different places in Sindh but rulers did not give any heed to this.He said settlement in Sindh of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of North Waziristan means, “Palestinisation of Sindh”. In Palestine people of Europe were settled. Same story of Palestine is being repeated here in Sindh. He said during 2010 floods when people from Ghotki and Kandhkot were settled in Karachi, it was said they would better be shifted to the places nearer to their homes. Why people of Waziristan are not shifted to the places nearer to their homes, he asked.Another leader of JSM Hashim Khoso said we saluted all those martyrs of Sindh, who sacrificed their lives for the supremacy of Sindhi language. He said great poet Shah Abdul Latif is our undisputed mentor.Journalist Muqtida Mansoor said, “Sindhi is national language of Sindh. It is right of the language to be claimed official language”.Professor Aijaz Qureshi said it was high time Sindhi language should be taught in private schools as well.Writer and researcher Gul Hassan Kalmati said there was strong need to work on accent of Sindh. News editors at media houses should be trained properly so they could use the available Sindhi words better and avoid using other languages’ words, Kalmati added.  Professor Rehman Gul said Sindhi is one of the oldest languages of the world. ‘Sindhi is the first language in which Quran-e-Karim was translated. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai was the greatest poet of world, who belonged to Sindh. Amanullah Sheikh said there should be work permit for non-locals so that it could be identified who was local and who was not. Dr Suleman Shiekh, Nasir Mansoor and Sualiha also spoke.

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