Sindh intellectuals protest against Altaf Hussain’s speech

Sindh intellectuals protest against Altaf Hussain’s speech

KARACHI: Sindhi writers, poets, intellectuals, academia and nationalists protested against Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain’s controversial speech and submitted a memo asking British Deputy High Commission in Karachi to take action. 
Dozens of the people gathered at Do Talwar on Monday and chanted slogans MarysooN, MarvasooN, par Sindh na DysooN (We will die and will kill, but won’t give Sindh [to others]”. Sindh Writers and Thinkers Forum gave the call for the protest. 
While addressing a public gathering in Karachi, MQM chief said that if Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) cannot treat everyone equal, they should create Sindh 1 for Sindhis and Sindh 2 for those, who PPP does not consider Sindhi. 
Heavy contingents of police and Rangers intervened the protesters and didn’t allow them to move towards British Deputy High Commission. The protesters marched and later staged a sit-in near 70 Clifton. Few of the leading writers and intellectuals were allowed to go and submit the memo to British Deputy High Commission authorities. 
After submitting the memo, renowned Sindhi writer Dastgeer Bhatti said that the memo was to record their protest with the British authority. The protestors have asked how despite being a British citizen, Altaf Hussain was interfering in Pakistan’s internal matters and repeatedly announced breaking the country by bifurcating Sindh.
“We have said in the Memo that British government is supporting his demands and has allowed him [Altaf Hussain] to issue such statements,” said Bhatti while talking to media outside British Deputy High Commission in Karachi. 
The famous intellectual Jami Chandio said that some of the nationalist parties announced a protest call against the controversial speech, but later it was taken back. As per the nationalists, the MQM asked them to withdraw their speech. “There should have been a joint press conference, in which the MQM announced that it takes back its stand, but since it did not happen, massive protests all over Sindh are a must starting today,” said Chandio. 
Famous Sindhi poet Akash Ansari said that British Deputy High Commissioner has assured them that British government has nothing to do with Altaf Hussain’s speech.
The poet further said that commissioner has also assured them that he would send their grievances to British government. 

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