MQM victim of propaganda in Punjab, says Altaf


KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain stated on Sunday people have come to realise that propaganda was being run against his party by certain forces in Punjab province. 
In his telephonic address to MQM Central Punjab office-bearers at the Punjab House here, Hussain noted that exploitive forces had always waged propaganda against the MQM in the Punjab, and said, “Parties that are under the influence of the establishment have always enjoyed greater influence in the Punjab. They have always put hurdles in the way of MQM, which is against the status quo.” 
“They have levelled charges of subversion and terrorism to poison the minds of the poor and middle class people in the Punjab,” Hussain went on to say. 
They had, he added, kept the MQM away from the Punjab so that they could keep their feudal system intact. He however informed his party members that people of Punjab, especially youngsters, were joining the MQM in large numbers. He also welcomed young men and students who joined the MQM. 
The MQM chief further said, “A true ideology is gradually and slowly spreading in the Punjab. MQM’s message is spreading in the Punjab and people are coming under the banner of MQM despite the conspiracies, hurdles and negative propaganda.” 
He said the poor and middle class had realised that the outmoded system needed to be done away with. He further said the newly-developed political consciousness in the people of Punjab was the sign of success for his party. 
Hussain paid great tributes to MQM office-bearers in the Punjab, and asked them not to be discouraged by the hurdles. He advised them to continue spreading the message of MQM with determination if they had to achieve success. 
Hussain urged the party’s office-bearers to participate in sports and other healthy activities besides their organizational work. He said they should bring talented people to the front if they wanted to end nepotism and favouritism. “Only this way we can bring a good name to our country,” concluded the MQM chief. 

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