No judges at NIRC worker abuse continues

No judges at NIRC  worker abuse continues

KARACHI: Continuous exploitation of labour in the country, mainly by corporate, public and private sector remains uncared for due to absence of judges at National Industrial Relations Commission (NIRC).
As per details, the NIRC, which was established to provide labourers with justice against mistreatment and injustice at the hands of organisations, has no judges for the past two months.
The absence of judges has prolonged the wait of thousands of justice seekers.
The details further reveal that there were no judges present in four of the NIRC courts - Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore and Kohat.
Justice seekers of aforementioned places are bound to look towards the NIRC of Islamabad which also added additional expenditures on plaintiffs. The unpleasant scenario at apex courts of the NIRC is resulting in suspension of hearings continuously, whereas piles of cases have been increasing on a daily basis.
Delay in deployment of judges shows a lack of responsibility on part of Federal Minister Pir Sadaruddin Shah Rashdi.
NIRC Karachi Judge Bashir Memon retired on November 11, 2013; Abdul Jabbar Khan of Peshawar retired on October 26, 2013; Mir Abdul Khaliq of Quetta on ______ 11, 2013 and Chaudary Shokat Nawaz of Lahore retired on December 31, 2013. Since their retirement, the Federal ministry has not appointed or deployed any judges to take their places.
According to sources, only in Karachi thousands of cases are pending, including job restoration pleas and appeals against unfair labour practices.
The NIRC was established on November 1, 1972 in every province of Pakistan, which was also included later in the Constitution of 1973. After the 18th Amendment it came under Federal Ministry of Human Resource Development. Moreover, the previous regime, a year and a half ago also announced to establish the NIRC in Sukkur and Multan due to large number of workers at the said locations; however, the plan never bore fruit.
When Daily Times contacted, NIRC Registrar Ghulam Nabi Deshak, he said, "Summary regarding deployment of judges at the NIRC was sent to the prime minister a month ago, but he has not signed it yet. Hopefully it will be signed in two to three days."
In this regard, Advocate Chudhary Latif Saghar said, "It is understood that absence of the NIRC is badly affecting thousands of justice seekers in the provinces, whereas, it is also increasing oppression and abuse against labour in organisations."
A president may also withdraw a nominee's name before the actual confirmation vote occurs.
It is the government's duty to nominate a name before a judge retires, in order to keep dispensing justice, he said, adding that the PM does not deal with each and every matter and it is the duty of department concerned to resolve the issue.
"Sense of realisation is lacking among department officials, as they do not understand that indolence of their duties creates hurdles for thousands," he concluded. 

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