IRC accords technical approval to seven schemes

KARACHI: Indus River Commission (IRC) in its 175th full committee meeting with Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah in chair has accorded technical approval to 7 different flood protective and communication development schemes falling alongwith both riverbanks. The IRC recommended to revisit and to further scrutinise 13 other schemes through subcommittee of the Commission within shortest possible time, to ensure foolproof safety of the embankments. The IRC headed by Chief Minister Sindh with all chief engineers irrigation region and superintendent engineers of all irrigation circles including Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority and director area water boards as members to approve flood reports/schemes along both riverbanks in Sindh. In addition members of the Commission discussed the minutes of last meeting 18 different flood protective and two communications (Roads-Bridges) schemes in detail. After threadbare discussion no objection certificate (NOC) was accorded to five flood protective proposed schemes which include, providing stone pitching and stone apron along with QadirpPur loop Bund, construction of three stone studs along Qadirpur Shank Bund, recouping of maintenance section 20 of stone apron from 1/5 to 2/2 and providing 4 stone studs along mile 2/0 to 2/4 old Tori Bund, construction of J spur along ultra Jagir Bund Mile 4/0 plus 125 and construction of two T spurs at mile 4/2 plus 300 and mile 4/4 plus 580 in west division Khairpur, besides recouping stone apron to maintenance section SM Bund mile 12/4 to 12/7 and 0/0 plus 110 Bakhri loop Bund and escape channel RD-28 plus 700 to 29 plus 00 and 30 plus 0 to 30 plus 325 and raising and strengthening of SM Bund mile 12/0 to 12/7 and escape channel RD 22 to 28 left side in Kandiaro Bund Sub-division was accorded necessary NOC. Meeting recommended issuing NOC for construction road bridge and mattled road along Baiji Bund mile 0/0 to 4/4 and R/N Bund mile 8/4 to 12/4 and Jhirk Mulla Katiar Bridge on Indus River. On Jhirk Mulla Katiar Bridge on Indus River it was recommended to the executing authority to increase its length up to 1,700 meters to ensure zero obstacle subsequently, the designed has been changed with 1,700 meters as recommended by IRC. 

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