Schoolteachers sensitised on tsunami

Schoolteachers sensitised on tsunami

KARACHI: The minor girl in the hotel near a beach screamed that tsunami is on way and lets move everyone. Father of the girl feels ashamed and awkward due to the behaviour of his daughter but the manager came forward and asked the girl what happened. She narrated she had read in her schoolbook that sea moves backward before the tsunami and she looked the same scene recently. Soon the observation of the minor girl was affirmed and the entire people at the hotel left it, just before few minutes, when towering tides of the tsunami was hitting the sea shore and nearby built hotel. In this way a minor girl or better to be believed that a sentence in her curricula saved a number of precious lives. 
This tale of a Japanese girl was presented before a bunch of government schoolteachers on Monday at Met Office during a training workshop. The session was organised by the Natural Disaster Management Cell (NDMC) for the public sector schoolteachers and was aimed to sensitise them over the sensitive issue of natural disasters like earthquake and tsunami. 
The NDMC and the education department have decided to organise several training sessions so as to prepare master trainers to further sensitise students and children at grass root level. 
Karachi Chief Metrologist Tausef Ahmed told the participants natural disasters and ways to overcome them was a subject of significant importance. It has been taught to children across the globe but unfortunately it was yet to be included in the syllabus in Pakistan. He stressed upon the teachers to transforms the information among their students. Talking about the Met office he said, “Department not only predicts about the weather but also provides information on floods and rains, besides facilitating aviation sector. We also research on earthquakes, tsunami and glaciers”. 
Karan Khan head of earthquake and tsunami department through a multimedia presentation updated the information of participants about how earthquakes and tsunami produce and what should one do while facing an earthquake. He categorically made it clear earthquake, which also causes tsunami if occurred under sea, was unpredictable. None could forecast an earthquake but its disaster could be reduced through several measures. 
Khan shed light on role of buildings’ structure, mangroves and level of awareness among masses in regard with earthquake and tsunami. He told the audience Karachi is in the red zone due to an active fault line and most dangerous junction of the fault lines in the sea near Karachi, which is present along the Makran Coast, pushing analysts to believe tsunami might be waiting for Karachiites. He shed light on the precautions and post scenario steps for earthquake and tsunami. Later the participants of the workshop visited various department of the Met Office, including tsunami warnings. 
They were informed with sophisticated sensors and latest techniques, the department was able to issue a pre warning of tsunami after an earthquake occurred under the sea. To a question Khan told Karachi was below the sea level and if tsunami hit the shore of Karachi, areas till Saddar Town would be badly affected.

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