‘Mysterious’ fire guts 12 ambulances

‘Mysterious’ fire guts  12 ambulances

KARACHI: At least 12 ambulances were destroyed in a fire that erupted at the compound of Edhi Centre in Old Sabzi Mandi on Wednesday; however, fortunately, no loss of life was reported.
The fire broke out at the Edhi Centre at 12pm, burning at least 12 ambulances, while four others were partially damaged.
As soon as the news broke out, firefighters reached the site and began to douse the fire. Many people gathered at the site, creating traffic jams and difficulties for firefighters, and therefore an extra contingent of law enforcers was called to disperse the people.
Officials at the Edhi Centre claimed that the delay by the fire brigade department caused the damage. “There would have been no major loss had the fire brigade reached the site on time,” said Edhi spokesman Anwar Kazmi.
Fire brigade officials refuted these claims, saying that Edhi officials delayed in informing the fire department. “All the destroyed vehicles were already non-functional,” said the official. The spokesperson said a total 12 vehicles were damaged while 18 others remained safe.
The actual motive behind the fire is yet to be learnt; however, according to the Edhi spokesman, possibility of a criminal act could not be ruled out. “A huge cache of old substances including oil drums and bottles were presented at the compound. Maybe someone threw a cigarette, thus catching fire,” said DSP Nasir Lodhi.
No case has been registered yet, but will be done soon, added the officer.

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