‘Nawaz should avoid politics of GT Road, do country-level politics’

KARACHI: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should avoid the politics of Grand Trunk (GT) Road and Lahore and instead of this he should politics on country level.Sindh Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memonaddressing to a press conference at Karachi said Center should avoid behaving like dictatorial attitude and prejudice attitude with Sindh.Sindh provides highest number of taxes and Pakistan’s economy lies on Sindh but even bigotry attitude of federal government towards Sindh is like tyrannical, said Sharjeel.He said we would not avoid injustices to the people of Sindh at any cost while PML-N has restarted the politics of 90s by closing down 11 mega projects of Sindh, he added.People of Sindh are being punished because they voted Pakistan Peoples Party in general elections, he said.Federal government was behaving with Sindh step motherly. The federal government was keeping discriminatory behaviour for the people of Sindh and was taking dictatorial steps, he said.Regarding targeted operation in Karachi, he said Centre’s practical role was not visible. In Karachi targeted operation, the federal set up was not seen. Sindh government tried again and again to make contact with the federal government regarding the purchase of latest weapons, bulletproof jackets and Armoured Personnel Carrier vehicles but federation has yet to take any step in this regard, he added.Sharjeel said the main reason of crime was illegal SIMS. Federal government and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority were the authorities to stop issuing millions of illegal SIMS but there was no step taken by the federal government to stop issuance of illegal SIMS.In response to a question Sharjeel said if Pervez Musharraf left the country, responsibility would be laid on the shoulder of ‘independent judiciary and federal government’. “It seemed there has been a deal struck between federal government and Pervez Musharraf”.In another reply, he said lodging of cases on PPP leaders Yusuf Raza Gilani and Makhdoom Amin Faheem was a political revenge.He said PPP was not going to be a part of any grand alliance because PPP itself was so strong that it could thwart the conspiracies. PPP strongly condemns the false cases lodged on its senior leaders as PML-N has started the same politics of 90s by lodging false cases against PPP political leadership. In past also, false cases were registered to build pressure on PPP, but we would face such situation like in the past even today.

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