Dialogue with Pakistan the only option: India

Dialogue with Pakistan  the only option: India

NEW DELHI: Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has said that there is no option but to hold dialogue with Pakistan because the two countries cannot go to war. 
In an interview on Wednesday the Indian minister said, “Pakistan and India must choose the way of dialogue to resolve the issues because in both situations of war or peace they will live as neighbours.” He said relations between the two countries should be made better to ensure peace in the region, and dialogue should be continued on every level. “There are some ‘powers’ which do not want peace between India and Pakistan and if such powers succeed then both countries will become a toy in the hands of terrorists,” Khurshid said.
He said that India should talk with Pakistan in a decisive way to ascertain whether it is ready to address the concerns of New Delhi on terrorism or not. However, the two countries cannot afford war, he said. “We are clearly aware that active ‘terrorism structure’ exists in Pakistan, but democratic governments focus on the way of negotiations, while bilateral relations between Indo-Pak cannot be resolved overnight, so we have to move forward in phases.” Salman Khurshid also demanded Pakistan prevent “cross-border activities” for better relations and also move forward in the investigations of Mumbai attacks. 

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