Assailant apologises for Xinjiang axe attack

BEIJING: A teenager from Hotan in southern Xinjiang Autonomous Region has apologized for attacking people with an axe, in an exclusive interview with China Central Television (CCTV) on Sunday. Murzahti, 19, entered a games room in Hotan on June 14 intent on attacking innocent people. His two accomplices Abduzahir and Abdughappar died from serious injuries after civilians fought back. According to the narrator of the news piece Abduzahir was the ringleader.
CCTV showed video footage of Murzahti waving an axe towards a woman in the games room. Murzahti told CCTV that he and his accomplices surveyed the games room from the outside for about 90 seconds before staging the attack. “We thought it was an easy target to kill and run,” he said. “I was scared when people fought back. I didn’t expect them to fight back. They hit us with desks and chairs in the room...”
He added, “When we tried to run, more people ran towards us with sticks. I thought we had no chance to escape.” The three kept hacking at people with their axes but were eventually brought under control by police and members of the public.

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