Book on post-9/11 challenges faced by expatriates launched

LAHORE: The literary committee of the Lahore Press Club (LPC), in collaboration with Forum for International Relations Development, United Kingdom, held the launch ceremony of Taha Qureshi’s book, ‘Mera Jehad’, at the press club on Tuesday.
People from various walks of life, including renowned journalists Aslam Gurdaspuri and Khawar Naeem Hashmi, LPC President Arshad Ansari, Akram Khakwani and others were present.
The book is about the post 9/11 situation and problems faced by Muslims and the Pakistani community, especially in the United Kingdom. 
Taha Qureshi, a resident of Chak 444, Samundari, in Faisalabad District, describes economical, social and other challenges faced by the Pakistani community in the United Kingdom where he was residing. 
He writes about disappointment over the behaviour of local community and how several Pakistanis preferred returning back to their hometowns. In this entire situation, Taha does not lose hope; keeps on trying to spread the positive image of Pakistan; and ultimately becomes successful in his mission. Addressing the ceremony, Taha Qureshi said that Pakistanis are a different nation around the world; no matter where they are settled, they remain Pakistanis forever and their love for their country never dies. 
He explained that the word Jehad used in the book highlights a Jehad against economical problems and propaganda against Pakistan after 9/11. 
He said that if someone wants to remain successful throughout his life, he should remain committed to his work. He announced that he would sponsor two journalists and their children, each from the press clubs of Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta, to study in the United Kingdom every year. He said that this mission would be spread across the country without any discrimination.
The participants appreciated the efforts of Taha Quershi and said that the book was totally in a different style. They suggested that all kinds of people, especially youths, must read this book for their knowledge and experience and in order to become successful in their future lives.

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