‘We wore many skins’ opens


LAHORE: An exhibition titled, ‘We wore many skins’ by Sarwat Rana opened at the Colour Gallery on Friday. 
Rana is a graduate of the National College of Arts and has majored in sculpture. 
On display at the Colour Gallery was a collection of works, which revolve around everyday objects. It is the mundane everyday objects around us that spark her creativity. Her work is the juxtaposition of these objects with the realities of life. Rana said all the things that have become a part of her art are objects collected from her personal surroundings, her home, her children’s toys and other useless things that are always lying around. 
Rana describes her work in these words, “Seemingly insignificant at first sight, the objects both collectively and individually resonate with the minute details of day to day living – the discarded boxes, the forgotten dolly dress, the spiteful seam ripper and the forsaken walnut shells - an intimate portrayal of the little things that sum up the essence of a life that goes on.” By the portrayal of these objects in a confined setting she lends a deeper meaning to it in the context of material and social realities, thus opening it up for wider interpretations. One of her works titled ‘Youth and Age’ show a burnt match and an un-burnt match on a piece of tissue paper. Another piece titled ‘Libas’ consists of a female mannequin, without a head, dressed in a gold gown made of safety pins. In her words, these objects act as metaphors and similes for the social realities that her work aims to talk about. 
The exhibition was curated by Zarah David and was attended by many renowned artists who praised the artistic prowess of Sarwat Rana. The exhibition will continue till April 12, 2014. 

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