Salman Farooqi’s ‘Light of Hope’ put on display


LAHORE: Salman Farooqi’s exhibition titled ‘Light of Hope’ opened at the Ejaz Art Gallery on Friday. 
Farooqi hails from Karachi and is a graduate of the Karachi School of Arts and has been mentored under Iqbal Mehdi. Almost 40 paintings were put on display, all of which are done in oil. 
He uses bold colours for all of his paintings, which in his words helps exude a sense of peace and relaxation because he thinks “stress is everywhere in today’s world”. 
Having been trained under the schools of realism and modernism, this set of paintings focus more on impressionism. His use of landscapes and his experiment with impressionism has given him recognition and acclaim both in Pakistan and overseas. His rendering of his subject matter is stylised as he explores the use of geometric shapes and very fine lines. Yet there is spontaneity in his work, which speaks of his artistic talents. Simultaneously, his work reverberates with energy because of his use of bright colours. Within his work, Farooqi also experiments with cubism, which lends symbolism to his work. While at times, the spectator can make out full forms in the landscape such as houses, electricity poles, the sun, and other buildings, other objects within the paintings attain a more abstract form. 
According to the artist, his favourite subjects are light, composition, bold colours and shadows and the buildings, landscapes and mosques that he chooses to paint help him symbolically represent both light and shadows through the distortion of lines. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Principal of Punjab University-College of Art and Design (PU-CAD) Maliha Agha and was attended by various well-known artists.

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