‘N’ rallies ‘ill-conceived’, ‘self-defeating’: PPP

LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Punjab President Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo has rejected PML-N’s decision of holding rallies in the country and called such rallies “ill-conceived” and “self-defeating.”
In a statement on Tuesday, Wattoo said that the government rallies would tantamount to fuelling political fire by throwing gasoline on it, adding it would aggravate the volatile political environment in the country. 
The ruling party must not vitiate the environment and instead undertake all possible steps to assuage the ongoing confrontation between the parties that had made the nation hostage of their ego.
He predicted that the bloody clash between the agitating parties leading to loss of lives would pose the greatest danger to democracy and the inevitability of political redundancy of the fighting political parties.
He called upon the government to register case against those who have been accused of murdering PAT workers in Model Town and injuring many others by bullet shots on June 17. Delay in this regard was raising the question of indiscriminate application of law in the province of Punjab, he observed.
Wattoo said that the PPP would not compromise on the future of democracy come what may, adding that the party leadership was deeply concerned about political situation prevailing in the country.
He said that former president Aief Ali Zardari’s recent visit to Lahore where he met with important leaders was reflective of his keenness to get the conflict resolved through dialogue in the interest of the federation, democracy and the constitution.
About PPP’s central executive committee meeting held in Karachi on Monday, Wattoo said that the decision to from a committee mandated to get in touch with all of the stakeholders in order to defuse political deadlock reflected the sincerity of the party and its leadership to extricate the nation out of the crippling stalemate.

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