Honest cops should be tasked with ensuring law, order: NH&MP IG

* Cheema says sense of deprivation, unemployment cause of militancy in Pakistan

LAHORE: Police officers with record of no financial and moral corruption and strong will power should be tasked with ensuring law and order in Pakistan, National Highways and Motorway Police Inspector General Zulfiqar Cheema said on Sunday.
Speaking at a discussion titled “Law and order situation in Pakistan and our responsibilities” on Sunday, Cheema said the role model of motorway police should be adopted, as the UN and other international organisations have declared the National Highways and Motorway police department as corruption-free. “Sense of deprivation, depression and unemployment are the major causes of militancy in Pakistan, particularly in tribal areas of Pakistan,” Cheema said. He appealed the parents to come forward and play their due role for the character building of their children.
The IG also said that foreign hands are involved in defaming Pakistan across the world in view of its geo-strategic importance. “Such foreign hands are continuously projecting negative impressions about Pakistan through propaganda campaign in international media. As a result, other countries of the world perceive Pakistan as a dangerous country, particularly from security point of view, whereas situation is not so critical.”
Cheema said that these foreign hands also provide finances and support to the terrorist and militant groups in Pakistan. “Some most-wanted criminals also join these militant groups,” he added. Citing examples of Germany and Japan, Cheema said that instead of getting depressed and migrating to other countries, during the period of lawlessness and insecurity, their citizens started rebuilding, and now both Germany and Japan are amongst the best nations of the world. Quoting another example of terrorist and militancy-effected country Sri Lanka, Cheema said Sri Lanka suffered continuously for 27 years but they did not gave up fighting terrorists and at the last they got rid of terrorists. He also opposed the promotion of foreign cultures especially of those countries that are in conflicts of our national interest for which both our media and public should play their positive and constructive role. Zulfiqar Cheema also emphasised the need of action instead of just wishes to improve the situation in Pakistan by all and sundry. 
Giving the example of the role of think tanks in America Zulfiqar Cheema said that think tanks play a pivotal role in USA particularly to set the right direction of the government. He said elected governments ensured developments in Turkey and Malaysia, the muslim countries, why not Pakistan which has all the ingredients and resources to develop as a leading developed countries of muslim world. Engineer Abdul Majeed Khan, Zubair Sheikh, Dr. Muhammad Sadiq and Jameel Gishkori also spoke.

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