Imran Khan’s show flopped: Rana Sanaullah

* Punjab law minister rejects allegations of obstructing PTI’s rally
Imran Khan’s  show flopped:  Rana Sanaullah

LAHORE: Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan on Sunday said that Imran Khan’s show regarding price-hike flopped as the masses rejected it and the disappointment could be easily seen on the faces of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman and other leaders.
Commenting on the PTI’s rally, he said that by rejecting the call of Imran Khan, the people had proved that they were not willing to be misled by the ‘tsunami show’. 
He said that Imran Khan was not doing any service to the people by staging such rallies and was rather creating problems for them. 
He said that due to policies of Imran Khan, old workers and leaders of the PTI were leaving him, and the faces that were at the public meeting of the PTI at Minar-e-Pakistan were missing on Sunday. 
He said that due to the effective measures taken by the Punjab government, the prices of food items had reduced in the province, and that Imran Khan should also take such steps in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the benefit of the people.
The law minister also rejected allegations that the Punjab government created hurdles in the way of the PTI’s rally and stopped the convoys coming to Lahore from different cities.
Talking to the media, Sanaullah termed the allegations of the PTI leadership regarding creating hurdles in the rally “baseless” and said if an independent commission proved him guilty he would quit his position immediately.
The Punjab government provided foolproof security to the PTI rallies, he claimed.
He said that organising musical programmes in three parks of Lahore on the weekly off was aimed at providing entertainment facilities to the citizens and no to influence the PTI’s rally.
Sanaullah said that the people of Lahore had already rejected the PTI’s so-called tsunami of change, and that they had no interest in whatever its activities were.
He suggested Imran Khan to avoid politics of chaos and confrontation and instead promote reconciliation to deal with the crisis facing the country and its people.
The law minister alleged that rally organised on The Mall in the name of protest against inflation was attended by elements desirous for getting tickets in the local bodies’ election. 

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