Burgeoning encroachments in commercial areas irk citizens

Burgeoning encroachments in   commercial areas irk citizens

LAHORE: Encroachments on footpaths in various commercial areas of the metropolitan city, creating hurdles and problems not only for pedestrians but also hampering a smooth flow of traffic.
According to a survey, footpaths of the city especially on main roads, including The Mall, Hall Road, Old Anarkali, Wahdat Road, Mozang Main road and Lytton Road, were occupied by vendors of shoes, second hand garments and other sellers.
The encroachments at Shah Alam Market, Rang Mahal, McLeod, Beadon and Cooper Roads, Icchra Main Bazaar, Moon Market, Yateem Khana Multan Road, Urdu Bazaar, Chungi Amar Sadhu Main Bazaar and other markets were adding miseries to visitors besides creating traffic problems.
A trader, Zahid, talking to APP, said encroachments at various places had made life of people miserable and he alleged that the district administration seemed to be a silent spectator over the situation.
Waseem Khan, a visitor of Ichhra Bazaar, said people had to use roads instead of footpaths because of vendors who were affecting flow of traffic with other problems during shopping.
A group of students said “shopkeepers have displayed their goods on pavements while vendors set up stalls on footpaths, forcing pedestrians to walk on roads, adding that shopkeepers collected heavy amounts in shape of rent from vendors.
Another visitor, Mahmood Azeem, said stalls of fruits, vegetables, quacks etc on various roads had been set up on footpaths along parking plaza, leaving no space for pedestrians, adding that illegal parking by traders and visiting people at markets also created hardships for motorists and pedestrians.
People have demanded the government to take an immediate action against encroachments to avoid traffic mess.
A spokesman for the police department told APP that police had taken a strict action against the encroachments and illegal parking stands to ensure smooth flow of traffic on roads and maintain law and order in the city.
He added that the department also got registered cases against violators during a crackdown against encroachments.

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