‘Seen from Here, There and Nowhere’ begins at Rohtas 2

‘Seen from Here, There and Nowhere’ begins at Rohtas 2

LAHORE: Rohtas 2 Gallery in collaboration with the Lahore Literary Festival 2014 (LLF) opened a solo exhibition of paintings by Ali Raza on Thursday. 
Ali Raza’s paintings were displayed at the exhibition titled ‘Seen from Here, There and Nowhere’. 
Raza received his BFA from the National College of Arts in 1992 and his MFA from University of Minnesota in 2001. 
Ali Raza relies on the movement of the viewer to fold and unfold different layers of multiple images interpolated in one painting. While walking back and forth in front of the painting, the viewer can only experience one image at a time, the others, though still present, are momentarily hidden from view. 
Multiplicity of perspectives is not only present in the painted images but also in the viewpoints from which the images are seen. 
Raza’s use of low-tech painting technique, which is to simply combine more than two painted images, creates disjunctive narratives and resonates with the simultaneous view of his life in two worlds: Pakistan and America.
While experimenting with the challenging and the static nature of painting, Raza also calls into question the role of painting in the world of seemingly inexhaustible, easily accessible, high-definition, digital imagery. Because the reproductions of paintings are so readily available, viewers consider this digital experience equivalent to seeing the actual work. However, Raza’s works cannot be seen or understood through a digital reproduction. It can only be fully experienced while moving through the physical space of a gallery.

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