JAC to ‘actively’ resist disruption of constitutional order

LAHORE: The Joint Action Committee (JAC), a representative body of 33 major civil society organisations (CSOs), has declared that it would not accept any terms of compromise that are in conflict with democratic governance and supremacy of parliament.
Key JAC figures, including IA Rehman, Hussain Naqi, Mohammad Tehseen, Hina Jilani and Farooq Tariq, held a press conference at the Lahore Press Club on Wednesday to elaborate their stance on prevailing political conflict among opposition parties – PTI and PAT – and the government of PML-N.
The JAC representatives made it clear that no terms of compromise would be acceptable to them if such terms were in conflict with democratic governance and supremacy of the parliament. IA Rehman said that the JAC was seriously concerned that a very dangerous precedent has been set by acknowledging the demands of a mob as against the constitutionally-established order and will of the people.
Hussain Naqi said that the civil society was disturbed the way matters were drifting and have come to a point where either side has to give away. He urged political forces to proactively defuse the situation without giving into demands that undermine the democratic transition. Hina Jilani said that the government should take the lead in ensuring that the parliament becomes duly effective and civil institutions are strengthened, which alone can deter future adventures. 
Tehseen said that the JAC has a hope that all possible restraints would be used to avoid any level of violence to handle the situation. However, he made it clear that any disruption of the constitutional rule would not be acceptable and would be actively resisted. To a question, Farooq Tariq said that all of the CSOs of Pakistan wish to remind those supporting the protest that it was limited only to two provinces and that voice of the federation was absent.

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