Rana Sanaullah unhappy with way his party is being run

* Vents spleen unequivocally but says he won’t become Javed Hashmi

LAHORE: Former law minister Rana Sanaullah has given full vent to his spleen for the first time since his sacking last month and has taken an offence to the way PML-N is currently being run, saying those who had left the party in difficult times are now enjoying better slots. But, in the same breath, he said he would not quit the party.
Talking to the press here on Saturday, he said that those, who stood with the party in difficult times must be appreciated. “I cannot leave my party,” he said, adding that he would expose “sycophants” in the party.
Sanaullah also said that he was neither Javed Hashmi nor would he become Javed Hashmi – in what appeared to be an apparent reference to veteran politician Javed Hashmi’s departure from the PML-N to the Imran Khan-led PTI. 
“Owner of the house never quits his house. The PML-N is my own party. I will never leave it. I am not Javed Hashmi and will not become Javed Hashmi,” a private TV channel quoted him as saying. He went on to say that had he got any desire to leave the party, he would have done so during the dictatorial regime. 
“Those who had quit the PML-N during the era of dictator have now become its successors,” he alleged. Sanaullah also vowed to expose “hypocrites” in the party very soon. 
It is pertinent to mention that Sanaullah was sacked after Model Town incident in which more than a dozen Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) workers were killed in a police operation on June 17 in Lahore.
Meanwhile, Sanaullah has said that the PTI’s negative politics would lead the country to only chaos and anarchy. “The country is passing through a very critical phase of its history and the opposition must show responsibility and shun protests and rallies,” he added.
Talking to APP, he said that the opposition criticised government policies in a decent manner in any civilised society and did not take to the streets for acceptance of its demands. But in Pakistan, he said, the situation was different as the opposition was trying to harm an elected government. 
He said that the PML-N leadership believed in freedom of expression. “That is why it always takes criticism with an open heart,” he added. 
He said that forces afraid of rapid development in Pakistan were hell-bent on weakening the government. He said that the government was absolutely stable and would not be affected by so-called protests and long marches.
The former provincial law minister said that the PTI leadership was playing politics over non-issues but that the rejected and the power-hungry politicians would not be able to deceive politically sane people. He said that the PTI’s proposed long march would not serve any purpose; rather it would encourage anti-state elements. 

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