LHC stops police from harassing kidnapping accused


LAHORE: Justice Syed Shahbaz Ali Rizvi, of the Lahore High Court (LHC), on Thursday directed the police not to harass a spiritual leader named Syed Hamid Ali Shah, who along with others is accused of kidnapping a businessman named Engineer Abraiz Naeem Ahmed from the Punjab Institute of Mental Health (PIMH) when Engineer Ahmed submitted to the court that none of the accused had kidnapped him. 
Rather, the engineer went on to say, his own wife – now stands divorced – and two of her uncles, who were eyeing snatching his multi-million rupee properties, initially kidnapped him and had admitted him to the PIMH despite being a person of sound mind in order to get rid of him once he loses his mental balance.
The judge directed the police to complete the investigation by June 1 in accordance with the statement of Engineer Ahmed wherein he had stated that he fled the PIMH where his recently divorced wife, Salma, and two of her uncles, Khalilur Rehman and Fazalur Rehman admitted him by declaring him a mad.
He said that two days after his forced admission, he succeeded in fleeing the hospital but that the hospital administration lodged an FIR against his friends, including Syed Hamid Ali Shah, who happens to be a spiritual leader of Silsala Saifia. 
He said that no one had kidnapped him from the hospital but that the police in connivance with his former wife and two of her uncles had registered the FIR against his friends. He requested the court to quash the FIR for being false and baseless.
Weeping bitterly in the courtroom, Hamid Shah informed the judge that the police had arrested a few of his other followers and were torturing them.
On court’s query, the investigating officer said that Engineer Ahmed had stated that no one had kidnapped him from the hospital. The judge then directed the police not to harass any of the accused.
Engineer Ahmed, a 52-year-old resident of Johar Town, petitioned through his counsel Muhammad Anas Ghazi that Salma, Khalilur Rehman and Fazalur Rehman kidnapped him on gunpoint while he was driving his own car and took him to the PIMH and got him admitted in connivance with Dr Waseem and Dr Nasir Bhatti. 
He alleged that the both of the doctors gave him an injection and considering that he was out of senses, ensured his former wife and her uncles that he (Engineer Ahmed) would be a mad man within two weeks.
He said that he had personally heard the conversation and that two days after, he managed to flee the hospital and went to his spiritual leader,Syed Hamid Ali Shah, on which the hospital lodged a case with Shadman police against Syed Hamid Ali Shah and others.
He said that the petitioner was not kidded by friends but by his former wifewho, he said, wanted to grab all of his properties, including house and a stitching unit worth millions of rupees.
He said that he had divorced his wife after the incident. 
He alleged that Township Assistant Superintendent of Police Dr Iqbal had accepted bribe from Salma and her uncles to favour them in this episode.
He further alleged that Salma and her uncles wanted to murder him. He requested the court to issue directions to the Punjab government and the police to ensure protection of his life.

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