Humidity and power outages hit citizens hard

LAHORE: Citizens of the provincial metropolis are facing 12 to 16 hours of electricity outages under extremely hot and humid weather and what is more agonising is that the government has failed to honour its own commitment that it would ensure power supply during Sehar, Iftar and Taraweeh timings during the holy month of Ramazan.
Talking to Daily Times, residents of different areas said that the situation had become worse during the last four days. They said that frequency as well as duration of unannounced outages had registered a sharp increase and now Sehar, Iftar and Taraweeh timings were no longer exempt from outages.
A resident of Bund Road, Arsalan, said that their area grid station was out of order for the last three days and they were being provided electricity only for a few hours from nearby grid stations that had increased the sufferings of the residents of those areas too.
Another citizen, Muhammad Sohail, said that they had to face a 12-hour blackout due to a transformer malfunction at PGECHS Phase 1. He said that LESCO officials only came to sort out the situation when the whole society protested.
The residents of Fane Road are facing a similar situation. Muhammad Ali said that electricity is restored to their area just minutes before Iftar. The situation remains the same at Sehar time as power outage occurs right after prayer call, he added. Speaking to Daily Times, residents of Butt Chowk and surrounding Township areas said that the government had increased the tariff of electricity but that they were still suffering hours-long outages even at the time of Sehar, Iftar and Taraweeh.
Muhammad Javed, a local shopkeeper, said that the government had miserably failed to fulfill its tall claims that there would be no outages during Sehar and Iftar timings. He said that because of sudden increase in electricity tariff, he was unable to manage his domestic expenses. 
Other residents, including Muhammad Shafiq, Adnan and Ahsan Raza, said that they had been suffering because of unscheduled outages and that they were facing up to 18 hours of outages during the past few days. 
The government made claims of providing uninterrupted electricity during Sehar and Iftar hours but to no avail, they added.
Another resident, Faheem, termed the situation “hellish” and said that his family was unable to sleep at night because of outages. He said that residents of Makkah Colony, Ahmed Nagar, Mateen Avenue and Butt Chowk were suffering the most. Shopkeepers and businessmen of the area said that the government was trying its hardest to destroy small businesses in the country by increasing tariff and enhancing outages. Small businessmen and low-income people were worst hit by recent anti-poor policies of the government, they added.

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